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23 Must Know Side Effects Of Avocado On Health Before Eating | Don’t Ignore It

Side Effects Of Avocado On Health: – What are the side effects of avocado? The avocado is a pear-shaped green fruit that has health benefits around the world. The fruit contains many essential nutrients that are used to treat various skin diseases and health problems.

It is also rich in beauty, protein, and useful phytochemicals. Avocado is used to lower cholesterol levels and increase menstrual flow. It is even used to relieve diarrhea and constipation.

Avocado, known for its natural ingredients, is used in the whole diet of young people. It has many health benefits but can prove to be a pathogen if it becomes redundant. Therefore, avocado also has some side effects.

Side effects of avocado on the global environment

Avocado is one of the foundations of today’s conquering health trend, and every fitness blogger’s self-contained breakfast menu includes avocado toast. The avocado is a fruit that has excellent antioxidant effects, full of good fat, and helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

avocado fruit plate
avocado fruit on a plate

No wonder its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years – but, unlike us, the environment and nature are not overjoyed. Growing fruit is not environmentally friendly at all, and there are also a lot of social tensions.

  1. Deforestation

This is because increased demand means that more and more avocados need to be grown so those producers can meet the needs of their customers. But we are slowly experiencing the last of usable, fertile lands globally.

Growers are clearing local forests to create new production areas, which, needless to say, does little good for nature. Farmers illegally cut pine trees to plant young avocado trees in their place.

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  1. Avocado is harmful to birds and animals

Avocados contain poisons called persin, fungicide poisons in avocados. This is generally not harmful to humans, but when consumed by pets in large quantities it is dangerous.

Avocado is harmful and can be dangerous to birds and animals if consumed in large quantities. Side Effects Of Avocado On Health

Persin is also an oil-soluble compound, structurally similar to fatty acids, and it melts into the body of avocados from holes. Avocados are not toxic to dogs or cats except when the seeds are eaten.

So the main danger of avocados in dogs and cats involves the possibility of swallowing large seed, which can cause blockage in the esophagus, stomach, or digestive tract of animals.

Therefore you should be careful and try not to let your dog or pet cat eat a whole avocado or avocado pit. They can only eat meat that is okay for them. Once again, animals like; Rabbits, horses, and ruminants (for example cows, sheep, and goats) should not be fed avocados at all for obvious reasons.

Avocado poisoning can be deadly for birds. Persin is very toxic to birds in general! Birds like; (Canaries, parakeets, cockatiel, and large parrots) and all other Birds should not be fed avocados because they are very susceptible to persistent toxicity.

Such poisoning can cause Inability to perch, Respiratory disorders, Accumulation of fluid around the heart and lungs of birds, Liver and kidney failure, and sudden death.

  1. Crime is on the rise

Because avocados make more profit than growing any other fruit or plant, Mexican drug cartels have also been spotted terrorizing farmers with extortion and usury.

But it’s not just in Mexico that the black market is booming over avocados. In New Zealand, for example, the number of fruit-related crimes has skyrocketed, with 40 large-scale avocado thefts registered in the country in roughly half a year in 2016.

  1. It can also lead to the extinction of the king butterfly

The eradication of pine trees is a big problem not only because less oxygen is returned to our increasingly polluted atmosphere, but also because these trees are home to beautiful king butterflies.

The animals survive the winter here, but if the forest area decreases, there will be meaningfully less butterfly space in the forest. Yet king butterflies also bring a nice amount to Mexico: plenty of tourists are curious about their annual migration.

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  1. Water management is upset

Avocado farms need much more water than pine forests to keep plants alive, and this is also a problem. On the one hand, it upsets the natural system and, on the other hand, it contributes to the growing shortage of freshwater.

The amount of freshwater is only 3% of the Earth’s water supply, a significant portion of which (about 80%) is in the Arctic ice sheet, so the truly available freshwater supply is only 0.5% of the Earth’s total water supply. This is very small, so we have to estimate every drop of freshwater.

A video about 11 Possible Negative Side Effects From Avocado

Side effects of avocado on health

Though avocado has long been proved to be the most powerful and useful fruit for human health. But you should not forget about the toxicity of the peel and seed, as well as limit the use of pulp – because it contains a lot of fat.

Due to the specific composition, avocados can cause an allergic reaction, so this fruit should be introduced into the diet gradually. Many internet universes have been talking about the benefits of eating the seeds of avocado, but you have to remember that the beneficial nature of the seed is still under study.

Most of the studies have been for the seed extracts, not the seed. Nothing should be over consumed, the same goes for the avocado as well. Though it is useful, overeating the fruit can also be dangerous. The side effects which you may experience by eating avocados are as follows:

  1. Avoid during breastfeeding

Reducing milk production in pregnant and lactating women. There is nothing wrong with eating avocados while pregnant. Besides being able to narrow the risk of birth defects in infants, avocados are also beneficial for relieving leg cramps due to potassium deficiency.

But, eating excess avocados can damage the milk glands, thereby reducing milk production. It can also cause damage to the mammary gland. If the breastfeeding mother absorbs large amounts of avocado, the baby will have a stomach upset.

  1. Avocado causing hypersensitivity

People with hypersensitivity should avoid eating avocados. May cause skin reaction or vomiting.

  1. Avocado causes allergies

Although it is rare, some people may develop avocado allergies for a long time if they consume too much.

According to a review article published in June 2011 in the journal Allergy, Asthma, and Clinical Immunology, avocado allergies can cause sneezing, coughing, swelling, and nasal congestion.

If you experience these symptoms after consuming avocados, try removing the avocados from your daily diet, and see if they still appear. The effect of avocado on the skin is detrimental, leading to terrible skin problems, and allergies are the most important.

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  1. Nutritional deficiency

It doesn’t matter if you eat vegetables and fruit every day. Avocados are indeed nutritious and filling, but the nutrients contained in them are not enough to meet daily nutritional intake.

Eating the same food almost every day can cause the body to experience certain nutritional deficiencies. Avocados are low in protein and calcium. Lack of protein will make the tissue and muscle mass weaken.

Inadequate calcium intake can increase your risk of developing bone diseases, such as osteoporosis.

Avocados also do not contain enough iron, so you are more prone to experiencing tired, weak, lethargic due to anemia. That is why it is very important to plan a balanced and varied diet so that the body stays healthy.

  1. Adverse effects of avocado

Many people who consume avocados have suffered from adverse effects such as the flu, paralysis, nausea, gastrointestinal diseases, vomiting, migraines, fever, drowsiness, and asthma.

  1. Bone disorders

Avocados do not have adequate calcium content. Avocado consumed too much or every day excessively without offset by eating other types of fruits, it will cause bone disorders.

Such as the appearance of symptoms of osteoporosis. If so happens, you should stop eating the fruit before the problem refers to further bone loss.

  1. Hepatic impairment

One of the serious side effects of avocado is that it can damage the health of your liver. Certain types of avocado oils can damage the liver. Try to avoid Mexican avocado as much as possible, which consists of estragole and anethole.

These elements have been tested for carcinogenic reactions. Thus, consuming them can damage the liver. If liver function is compromised stop consuming this fruit.

  1. Latex sensitivity

Avocados should be avoided in people who are sensitive to latex because they increase the levels of serum IgE antibodies in the body, which can cause an allergic reaction.

This is evidenced by research data from the Mayo Clinic. The fact is that latex is part of this fruit. Therefore, test your sensations after eating avocados.

Nasal congestion, coughing, eczema, itching, and swelling are the first signs of latex allergy. If you find them at home, you should immediately consult a doctor.

  1. Lower your cholesterol

You may be happy to read that avocado lowers cholesterol. Yes, this is true, but if you consume large amounts, it will harm your body because it is rich in beta-sitosterol, which absorbs the necessary cholesterol from the body.

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  1. Mouth Allergy

If consumed in adequate amounts, avocados can cause oral allergies such as itchy sensations in the mouth and swelling of the tongue.

  1. Gastrointestinal irritation

If you consume large amounts of avocado, you will have stomach upset. It also sometimes causes gastrointestinal irritation. The fact is that this fruit contains rich dietary fiber that helps get rid of constipation.

But if you start eating avocados in large quantities several times a day, then instead of a normal digestive process, you will have spasms, sharp pain in your stomach, and endless visits to the toilet.

  1. The avocado seed contains tannin that can be toxic

Of course, tannins are part of most plants: they are needed to protect against extinction (as they give an unpleasant taste to immature fruits) and to regulate growth. They are also found in beer, wine, tea, nuts, fruits. In small doses, these substances are safe.

However, there is an assumption that if you abuse products that have tannins, you will be at increased risk of blood clotting and you may get severe indigestion.

  1. Obesity

Do not consume avocado in large quantities if you are on a diet. Avocado is a very high-calorie fruit and if consumed in large quantities it will help you gain those extra pounds you keep away from. So avoid eating avocado several times a day if you’re on a diet.

A medium-sized avocado weighs an average of 30 grams so the total calories consumed are around 322 calories. Excess calories that enter the body and are not fully converted into energy will continue to accumulate as fat.

So, if you eat avocados in excess, what happens then is excess weight or even obesity. This risk can be higher if you often serve avocados along with sugar or sweetened condensation.

  1. Malnutrition

Did you know that avocados, as a nutrient-rich fruit, can cause malnutrition if consumed too much? This happens because eating an excessive amount of avocados can make you full for a long time.

Now, when you feel full, the desire to eat other food variations to meet daily nutritional needs is greatly reduced. Nutrients needed by humans to support bodily functions will not be able to be fulfilled by relying on just one type of food.

That is why, doctors, nutritionists, and health experts recommend everyone to consume a balanced nutritious intake, which consists of a variety of offerings containing carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.

  1. Muscle abnormalities

Avocados do not contain a lot of protein needed to improve muscle health so that the side effects of avocados are quite detrimental to people. Especially for those who are fond of sports-related to enlargement of muscle mass such as fitness, lifting barbells, and so on.

Eating excessive avocado can cause frequent muscle abnormalities in humans for example, muscle mass function becomes increasingly weak and shrinking.

  1. Symptoms of anemia

One of the side effects of avocados if consumed too much every day is the emergence of anemia. Avocado is very minimal in iron so that it can cause someone to suffer from symptoms of anemia.

This condition applies to men and women of all ages. Characteristics Iron deficiency for the body one of which is easy to feel tired and lethargic.

  1. Oral cavity disorders

One of the side effects of avocados is the disruption of the oral cavity when someone regularly consumes avocado juice every day. It will increase the sensitivity of the oral cavity wall to the substances that exist in the avocado itself.

What will appear is an allergic reaction that attacks the oral cavity, in the form of a burning sensation, itching, and swelling of the tongue and gums.

  1. Stomach ulcers easily recur

For someone who has an ulcer, it is advisable not to consume too much avocado, because it can trigger an increase in stomach acid and cause recurrence of heartburn.

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  1. Kidney failure

In one medium-sized avocado, there is a potassium content of 21 percent. If avocado juice is consumed 3 times a day, it has increased potassium levels to 63 percent.

This condition has quite a big potential to cause health problems around kidney organs which can refer to the symptoms of kidney failure. Be aware that too much potassium in the body can interfere with kidney function and weaken its performance.

  1. Reducing the benefits of drugs

Avoid drinking avocado juice in small or large amounts for a moment when you will consume certain medications from a doctor’s prescription. Substances in avocados can reduce the benefits of the drug so that it becomes useless.

Substances in avocados can bind and absorb special chemicals in drugs that are formulated for the healing process. Drink avocado juice 2 hours later, but still in a reasonable dose.

Avocado consumption can reduce the work of anti-inflammatory drugs. Excessive consumption also triggers blood thinning, so the wound cant heals for a long time.

  1. If you are in the habit of having avocado with milk, then also you can experience following side effects:
  2. Diabetes is a danger that can occur due to eating avocado as well as milk. Fat in milk is very dominating nutrition than the fat in avocados which will reduce the benefits of the avocado itself. So for you men or women who often consume avocado juice added with sweetened condensed milk, you could be at risk of developing diabetes due to an unconscious increase in blood sugar.
  3. Accumulated fat, protein, and also the sweet taste of avocados and excessive milk will inhibit the release of energy normally when you move, as a result, you will feel very easy to feel tired.
  • If you are on a diet, as much as possible not to consume avocados with milk. This can cause an uneven buildup of fat in certain parts of the body, such as the stomach, or arms.
  • If you have an allergy to milk, then eating avocados mixed with milk is not very recommended for you. These foods can make your stomach acid rise so that your stomach will feel sick.
  • Juice or any food made from avocados should not be used with milk or sugar as a complement to the taste. This results in disruption of the stomach tissue including the collection of gas in the stomach which causes abdominal pain and diarrhea.
  • Avocado diet is not good for your dog

Avocados are the best fruit for humans because of the health benefits they have. Unfortunately, this is not the case for your dog. Because the entire content of this fruit can have a bad influence on the digestive process.

Tips to avoid the side effects of avocados

Given the avocado has many benefits, it would be very unfortunate if you avoid this one fruit. To avoid the side effects of avocados you can consume them in reasonable quantities and pay attention to the following:

  • Do not consume avocados after or before consuming certain types of drugs.
  • Avoid consumption of avocados if you have a very low cholesterol content.
  • Avoid avocados when you have problems with liver function.
  • Don’t consume avocados if you have a latex sensitivity.
  • When you are pregnant make sure you are not overdoing it in consuming avocados. Simply limit it to one avocado every day.
  • The last tip that is no less important is knowing your medical condition. This will certainly make it possible for you to find out what foods you need to reduce or even avoid.

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These are the top side effects of avocado that you don’t know about. Further research is underway about its side effects. Until you eat a medium amount of avocado to stay away from allergies. However, make sure you enjoy the health benefits.


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