Unlike other foods rich in vegetable fats avocado contains many good fats, the monounsaturated ones which are useful for keeping the heart-healthy. So, contrary to what is believed, there are good fats that are important to prefer, and this fruit can and must be an integral part of our diet.

Especially if you suffer from hypercholesterolemia if you have a few extra pounds or simply if you want to choose one healthier food style. To underline the properties of avocado is the fact that the most abundant fat it contains is oleic acid which is also the main component of olive oil.

Consumption of avocados in one serving is enough to meet 40% of nutritional needs so that avocados can help meet the body's nutritional intake and can help prevent excessive appetite.

The former villain of food, avocado is now considered a true hero of health. Because it is a rich source of fat and excess calories, the fruit acts as a natural remedy in the body.

Avocado benefits range from protection against certain types of cancer to hair shine. Recent research shows that fruit is one of the most efficient weapons against cardiovascular diseases, precisely because of its fats.

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