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Where To Buy An Avocado Tree In Singapore? List of 10 Places To Buy Avocado Tree

Where to buy an avocado tree in Singapore? :- Singapore was founded in 1819 as a British commercial colony, but since gaining its independence, it has become one of the most prosperous city-states in the world.

The exotic metropolis abounds in attractions: in the shadow of huge skyscrapers, you can discover churches, cozy little houses, bustling markets, and lush parks. It doesn’t hurt to know that from January to December, the average temperature is thirty to thirty-two degrees, even with thirty-six to thirty-seven degrees maxima.

The name of the country, translated from Sanskrit, means Lion City (Simha = lion and Pura = city). Its area is 692 square kilometers, which is not much bigger than Budapest (525 km2). Singapore, which belongs to the Southeast Asian region, is almost 9,500 kilometers from Budapest.

The city-state of Singapore is located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, north of the Equator, just 137 kilometers away. It is bordered by Malaysia to the north, with a 1.1-kilometer bridge over the Strait of Johor Strait. To the south, the sea, more precisely the Straits of Malacca separates it from Indonesia, in good weather, it is visible to the naked eye.

The dimensions of its territory are characterized by the fact that the main island of Singapore is 42 kilometers in east-west latitude, and only approx. 23 kilometers. Singapore has 60 smaller islands on the main island, but only 20 of them are inhabited.

A major environmental and urban planning achievement is that only 55 percent of the city-state’s territory has been allowed to be built in, and the remainder is mostly natural. There is hardly any cultivated area. Singapore has a fairly flat topography, with its highest point at just 162 meters.

Singapore is a parliamentary republic in terms of its form of government. In 1965, it became independent from Malaysia. It has several official languages: English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil. Three-quarters of the population of 4.3 million is of Chinese descent, they speak Mandarin.

Malians make up 13.6 percent of the population, while Tamil-speaking Indians make up about 8.8 percent.

Weather and climate

The climate of the city-state is equatorial tropical, with an average annual temperature of 26.7 degrees Celsius, extreme values between 24 and 36 degrees Celsius, and high (often above 90%) relative humidity. There are no distinct seasons, with November-January being the wettest.

Avocado in Singapore

Avocado has been one of the expensive fruits found in the market of Singapore. The avocados that are available in the market of Singapore are normally imported from Australia and are sold to the visitors and local people who are fond of avocado.

It is because most of the citizens of Singapore think avocado has a bland taste or awful. However, in the Malaysia state of Sabah, there is a large population of the Philippines therefore, here avocados are cheap and are grown locally as well.

The type, size of the fruit, and their quality vary. The avocado was introduced in the Philippines by the Spanis around the 1600s. and the Indonesians were introduced with this fruit around the 1700s.

Avocados were introduced to Malaysia and Singapore around the late 1800s. British rubber planters had one or two avocados growing in their gardens.

If you want to grow avocado in Singapore in your home garden, you may find it difficult to get the grafted avocado plant. You may have to visit several nurseries there and luckily you can find one. In the world farm, you can find the avocado plant grown from the seed.

However, grafted avocado plants are highly sought after in Singapore. There are sellers in Singapore who can courier the trees. This difficulty in finding the avocado plant in Singapore is because Singapore doesn’t grow many fruits and vegetables.

It is their neighbors n the north and south that have huge plantations of avocado from where they import the fruit in their market. Normally, the avocado imported from the USA and Australia can be found easily in the Singaporean market.

Lately, avocado has slowly gained a reputation in Singapore because of the tourists, expatriated visiting the nation. The cafes and restaurants re not only offering the typical avocado toast but they are also including various dishes and desserts made from avocado in their menu.

Local people are also attracted to growing avocado in their home garden. Therefore there are nurseries in Singapore that the fruit plant and give the required consultation and recommendations to the home gardeners.

Best places in Singapore where you can find the best avocado dishes

There are different places in Singapore where you can taste the unique dishes of avocado. Such as:

  1. Alexandra Village Food Centre: Here you can enjoy the best avocado juice at the cost o 2.5$. The other thing that you can try is the juice made from avocado and durian.
  2. Piedra Negra: Here you can find the great ceviche, tacos, burritos, guacamole, margaritas along with a fun and friendly environment.
  3. Avocado exotic fruit juice: They offer different types of avocado juice that is rich, thick, tasty, and creamy at the best price.
  4. The Daily Scoop: They offer you the ice cream made from avocado which is rich, tasty, creamy especially the one made from avocado and coconut. The lychee and avocado matinee is another plus point here.
  5. Salted Caramel Artisan Ice Cream: The avocado ice cream they offer is great in taste especially the one made from avocado, rum, and raisins.
  6. Punch: They offer various avocado dishes such as avocado and poached eggs.
  7. Rollie Olie: The Bollywood roll made from fried Ebi sushi with avocado topped with curry mayo and a blanket of crispy tempura dough bits is an interesting combo worth trying but probably not worth $17.
  8. Free the robot: They serve you with the best avocado toast you have ever tasted.
  9. Fruce: The avocado coconut with petite sago is the best dish that you can find here.
  10. Koji Sushi Bar: The salmon and avocado rice bowl is the best dish that you have to try here.

Where can you buy an avocado tree in Singapore?

The avocado probably is the one fruit that is gaining a reputation in the Singaporean market lately. The local people have now recognized the health benefits that this fruit can give you, therefore, more and more people are now attracted to planting the plant in their home garden.

Here are some of the nurseries where you can find the avocado plant.

  1. Noah Garden Centre

Noah garden center in Singapore offers all kinds of plants from indoor to outdoor, from easily available ones to hard to find plants, from small shrubs to trees bearing fruits.

That is Noah garden center is the one door for all. It is because they have understood the importance of plants in the life of every human being. The plus point of this garden store is that it facilitates its clients with the placement of online orders via their website and can chat with them if you have any inquiries.

  1. Corona Florist & Nursery

Well, corona florist and nursery is the popular nursery garden in Singapore so don’t go by its name. The nursery is completely safe by the way and provides the comprehensive selection of pots, plants, and the advice to the gardeners so that you can transform your garden into captivating landscapes. They provide you with:

  • the greatest variety of indoor and outdoor plants
  • The wide selection of exotic pots sourced from all over Asia
  • Unique water features and accessories including lighting and water pumps.
  • Soil, sand, bark, charcoal, compost and potting mixes to suit all kinds of plant varieties
  • Fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and other products so that you can maintain the health of your garden
  • Gardening and landscaping tools and materials including pebbles in several colors and sizes, paving stones and bricks for your indoor and outdoor garden

If you want to visit the nursery, the address is 388F Clementi Road, Singapore 599473 and the website is for you to place an online order.

  1. Fun’s Florist and Nursery

Funs florist and Nursery is one and final destination for all your needs as the competent staff of the nursery listen to your needs, suggest the solution, provide their expertise and recommendations and then meet your requirements.

Plant lovers find this nursery as their ultimate destination in Singapore. Some of the services that they provide include Landscape Design and Construction, Monthly Lawn / Landscape Maintenance, Potted / Hydroculture Plant Rental to Offices / Residences / Events, Sales of Foliage and Ornamental Plants and supply of Fresh Floral Arrangements.

The address of the nursery is 551 Thomson Road, Singapore 298180 and the website is

  1. Lucky Garden

The lucky garden is really lucky amongst the thousand of nurseries that are present in Singapore. The name Lucky was given by Goh Ching Tang for prosperity and luck.

The main goal of the Lucky Garden is to listen to the needs of the clients and provide them with the solution that they ultimately need. They are also the main importer of Vietnamese plants and shrubs.

The contact address of this garden is Lucky Garden Floriculture Pte Ltd, No.17, North Canal Road, Singapore 048829 and their website is

  1. ChengTai Nursery Pte Ltd

Founded in the year 1990, the ChengTai Nursery is in the west of Singapore. Widespread in the area of 10 acres, the nursery provides landscape services, exquisite Bonsai range, plants, and trees.

The nursery also provides the new themed garden design for your backyard. The contact address of this nursery is 51 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 698997 and the website is

  1. Thong Hup Gardens Pte Ltd

The Thong Hup garden is funded by Mr. Toh Thong Hup in the year 1980 which has now grown into the largest and most reputable turf and landscape supplier in Singapore.

In 1997, Thong Hup garden was incorporated and in 2006 they opened the first retail garden center in Jurong West. This has been relocated to Lim Chu Kang. They are the largest supplier of a wide variety of turf over the years owning nurseries both locally and in Malaysia.

Their turf includes cow grass, carpet grass, and pearl grass. They are also the retail and wholesale garden center where you can find a wide range of gardening materials as well as a wide range of plants for your gardening needs.

The contact address of this garden is 70 LIM CHU KANG LANE 1 SINGAPORE 718910 and the site address is. Here you can place an online order for your needed plants.

  1. Prince’s Landscape Pte Ltd

Prince’s Landscape is the oldest nurseries in Singapore which were founded more than 50 years ago. It was first started as the flower shop but later it evolved into a full-fledged nursery and the most renowned one in the country.

In the present condition, it has 2 nurseries with more than 400 professionals, horticulturists, designers, engineers, florists, and other support.

You can visit the nursery in the address 53 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 698998 and the website for the placement of online order is

  1. Spa Flora

Spa flora is situated in Thomson Road and Bedok South Road which offers its clients a wide range of tropical plants. The nursery helps its clients to turn their garden into the individualized garden with the help of professional nurserymen and expertise.

The contact address of this flora center is Head office: 553 Thomson Road, Singapore 298139 and the website are

  1. Maryland Nursery

Maryland nursery was founded in the year 1978 and therefore one of the oldest and most reputable nurseries in Singapore. They are the supplier of palm seeds, trees, flowers, and decorative plants.

They have involved in plant cultivation, landscaping, and tree supplies services. You can also contact them in case if you want any type of plants and trees in Singapore. They have cultivated Singapore’s very own unique orchid species, the world’s first golden yellow rain trees.

Their farm is located at lamp posts 65 & 66 which is just opposite NSRCC Kranji Sanctuary. You can also place the online order via website

  1. Wee lee nursery and florist

Wee lee was first founded in 1982 as a small family business but today it has flourished int a large nursery business in the country. At first, it has supplied the orchid plants only but now it has extended its business to hotels, offices, overseas clients, etc.

They not only supply the orchids but several other species of plants and trees. Their website address is and their address is 1 Seletar  West Farmway 9, Singapore.


Attraction of Singapore

This island-city-state is full of sights and attractions. The city is best known for perhaps the most upscale shops and fine dining restaurants, but there are also many other religious, historical, and cultural attractions here, not to mention fabulous beaches and water parks.

A. Historical destination in Singapore

Although Singapore may seem amazingly modern and futuristic at first, the island’s history dates back a long way. Let’s take a look at some of the historical attractions and learn about Singapore’s past and culture.

  1. Sri Mariamman Temple

The very colorful and ornate historic Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. The national monument, built in the 1800s, is of paramount importance to the Indian community in Singapore.

  1. Istana Kampong Glam

The Istana Kampong Glam is rebuilt several times during the history of Malay palace. Once the home of the Sultan and his family, the building is now owned by the Malaysian Cultural Heritage Center and the state.

  1. Museum of Asian Civilizations

Take a look at the Museum of Asian Civilizations and gain insight into the history of China and all the Asian states from which settlers came to Singapore. The exhibitions feature porcelain as well as calligraphic and artistic relics. It consists of objects highlighted from the 19th-century shipwreck, and in another we can see temporary, traveling exhibitions.

  1. Fort Canning Park

Visit Fort Canning Park, the site of many historic events. On these green hills, the British army surrendered in World War II, and Malay kings used to rule here. In the park, XVIII century pavilions and historical sites can also be seen. Large-scale concerts are often held on the grass.

B. Family programs in Singapore

Singapore is a great destination for families. Clean, safe, and full of amazing attractions and program options. Below we have gathered a few of Singapore’s perfect attractions for must-see families as well.

  1. Universal Studios Singapore

Spend a day or two at Universal Studios Singapore, explore the sights and immerse yourself in the world of film tricks. Take a look at Sci-Fi City, the promenade of Hollywood celebrities, and walk through all seven themed zones.

  1. Singapore Zoo

If you are looking for animal adventures, be sure to include Singapore Zoo and Night Safari among your programs. Take a walk among the exotic animals of the zoo, then take a ride on the Night Safari and get to know the magical animals that live here.

  1. Wild Wild Wet Singapore

If you want a little refreshment after a long day, head to Wild Wild Wet Singapore. This huge water park is full of fast, adrenaline-raising slides, but guests looking for a more comic experience can also find their reckoning in the relaxation pools and slower slides.

C. Natural attractions in Singapore

In an urban setting like Singapore, it is difficult to find a connection with nature. However, the city-state has some wonderful gardens and some green areas where we can enjoy a bit of proximity to nature. Below we have gathered Singapore’s most popular gardens and green spaces for visitors.

  1. Gardens by the Bay

Located at Marina Gardens Drive 18, Gardens by the Bay is a fabulous garden complex with award-winning architectural solutions. In which, in addition to the greenhouse environment, you will also find so-called (metal-built) Superwoods, which can be used to bridge.

  1. Pulau Ubin

The Pulau Ubin is a beautiful, lush, green island, which can be approached from a short boat ride away. This quiet island is close to the city, yet separated from it by a world. Especially recommended for lovers of hiking and mountain biking.

D. Shopping in Singapore

Most people visit Singapore because of the shops. The city-state is well known for its fantastic shopping malls and luxury shops. Some of the famous malls for your shopping are:

  1. Orchard Road

The Orchard Road shopping district of Singapore is the most vibrant shopping place. Along the way are the shops of large chains, unique boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Orchard Road shopping centers often hold festivals and special events, so you can always visit here.

  1. Great World City

Another notable shopping center worth visiting is the Great World City. This six-story shopping mall forms a complex with an office building and an aparthotel. Here you can find almost anything from fashion to food and accessories, to kids ’stuff, not to mention entertainment facilities.

  1. Paragon Shopping Center

Visit the Paragon Shopping Center and admire the latest fashion items. In this modern glass building, you will find only shops and restaurants on 20 floors. By the way, the stores of the biggest names in jewelry and other fashion are also located here.

E. Beaches in Singapore

There is nothing better than a day spent on the beach during your vacation. Singapore has many great beaches.

  1. Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach is considered by many the most ideal coastline of Singapore. Soft white sand, blue water, palm trees, and everything else you can only see on a beach here. There are many bars on the beach and the so-called Palawan Pirate Ship Entertainment Center, which is great for all ages. The water is also great for swimming, so it can be a great end to a long day.

  1. Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach is one of the busiest and most popular beaches in Singapore. It is well known for its parties and cafes. On the bustling beach, you can play handball, canoeing, or even horseback riding.

F. Chinatown

If you are in Singapore, be sure to visit Chinatown. The area, decorated with traditional red lanterns, is full of fabulous Chinese restaurants. Signs have been placed at various cultural monuments and sites of historical significance, which can also be read in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

The Buddha Tooth Temple is one of the most interesting sights in Singapore, the opening and closing of which is crowned by a drumming ceremony every day.


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