Avocado Mattress For Side Sleepers

Avocado Mattress For Side Sleepers Review | Pros & Cons

What is the avocado mattress? Is an Avocado mattress good for side sleepers? Is an Avocado mattress healthy for side sleepers? Is an Avocado mattress comfortable for side sleepers? Let’s discuss the Avocado mattress for side sleepers.

Description of the avocado mattress

The avocado mattress was founded to offer affordable and environmentally friendly mattresses. The company currently sells two models: its flagship Avocado Green mattress and the similar Avocado Vegan.

Both models are latex hybrids that are made from GOLS-certified organic latex by the owners of farmers’ collectives and have a spool support base. This creates a sturdy bed with a firmness rating of 7 out of 10, although avocado mattresses can be bought with a 2-inch latex pillowcase that allows a fairly firm sleeping area.

• As an ecological company, avocado builds its mattresses from natural organic components and with GOTS certification. Green presents a comfort layer made from organic wool, while vegans replace it with organic cotton.

• Green and vegan avocado mattresses have excellent properties, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the right mattress for you like a side bed. In this test, we show you all the details you need to make your decision.

• The green latex hybrid avocado is characterized by environmentally friendly construction and sustainable materials such as natural latex and organic wool.

• The avocado vegan replaces organic cotton with the wool comfort layer.

• Two strength levels offer very good or excellent support to people with medium or heavy sleep regardless of their sleeping style.

• Natural and organic properties of the avocado mattress. The avocado green mattress is known for its natural and organic materials and its environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. As we said before, these properties are a good reason you pay a little more for this type of mattress.

Avocado Mattress For Side Sleepers

We will break it down by relevant materials and certifications.

  • The avocado uses 100% organic latex with GOLS certification, which is harvested sustainably from rubber trees and manufactured in a plant in India that belongs to the company. Latex, if natural and not synthetic, is an antimicrobial material. This means that dust mites are prevented from getting on the mattress, and allergy symptoms such as itchy or watery eyes, sneezing, and headaches are avoided.
  • You will also find 100% GOTS wool (Global Organic Textile Standard) with organic certification in the avocado mattress. The wool comes from a cooperative in India that owns and operates avocados. It acts as a natural flame retardant as well as moisture-wicking material.
  • The avocado mattress is buttoned and made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. It is of American origin and does not use chemical adhesives.
  • The avocado has a whitish and earthy aesthetic. It is also worth noting that all avocado mattresses are handmade in the GOTS and GOLS certified factory in Los Angeles. They are also certified by UL Environment with GREENGUARD Gold. This certification ensures that the materials meet strict standards for pollutant emissions and chemical exposure.
  • All of this together is why avocado has created the list of the best natural and organic mattresses.
  • More information on the avocado cover. As already mentioned, the avocado mattress cover is made of organic cotton and with buttons by hand. The material is soft and smells good. It is compared to a farmer’s market or even outside of a real avocado. It is earthy.
  • Organic cotton cover on the avocado mattress.

The cover is not removable, which means your only option to clean up spills is stain cleanup. However, this is quite normal. Even if a cover is removable, it can rarely be machine washed. However, spot cleaning is very easy. Use warm water and a little mild detergent to clean the area. Just avoid getting the bed too wet. Most people like padded and padded covers.

Another option is the mattress protector. Mattress covers are practical because you can simply remove and throw them in the washing machine. You can find several affordable mattress protector options on Amazon. However, we would like to point out that adding a mattress protector can suppress airflow through the mattress and slightly change the feel.

  • Structure and layers of the avocado mattress; The avocado green mattress is a hybrid bed made of foam and bobbins, so there is no compromise on comfort. An 8-inch spool layer offers plenty of support and gives the bed a bit of the traditional spring feel. Eco-friendly reels made from recycled steel are individually wrapped in fabric, allowing support in zones and preventing wound coils from creating a ripple effect throughout the mattress. This causes a bed to tilt toward a sleeper, which can cause anyone sleeping in the bed to roll up on their partner. But you don’t have to worry about this with this mattress either.
  • Construction of the avocado mattress with a pillow; The standard mattress has a 3-inch organic latex foam layer on the reels. If you choose the additional pillow, you will receive two more centimeters of organic latex foam.

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avocado mattress

Avocado vs. Awara

The Awara mattress is an ecological latex hybrid with a lower price than the avocado range. Like avocado, Awara combines GOTS-certified organic wool and GOLS-certified Dunlop organic latex with a pocket coil design. Similarly, the mattress reels inserted into the pocket are ergonomically divided into zones to support the spine, with thicker reels in areas with higher pressure. The bed feels moderately firm (6 out of 10) and softer than the avocado pillow options.

Despite the softer feel of the Awara, it offers less pressure relief and is less comfortable for people who sleep on their sides, the lightest, and most people of average weight. Customers who avoid animal products should also know that there is no vegan option.

Avocado vs. EcoCloud

The EcoCloud mattress is a medium-strength latex hybrid (5 out of 10) made from natural materials, including sustainable Talalay latex and organic wool. Talalay latex is softer and has a more consistent consistency than Dunlop, allowing a lower resistance rating and reducing a mattress’s durability.

Due to these properties, the EcoCloud is more adaptable and therefore more comfortable for those who sleep little, especially those who sleep less than 30 kg. Sleepers over 230 pounds are much better for avocado mattresses, just like average-weight belly sleepers, but other average-weight sleepers can enjoy the softer feel EcoCloud offers. Since the EcoCloud cover is a blend of organic cotton and wool, there is no vegan option available.

Avocado vs. EcoSleep

The EcoSleep Hybrid is a reversible latex hybrid mattress made from organic wool and Talalay latex. Customers unsure whether they prefer an avocado mattress with or without a pillowcase should consider the EcoSleep as one side is medium firm (6 out of 10). At the same time, the other is firm (7 out of 10).

Like the Avocado offerings, the EcoSleep is best suited for those who sleep longer. However, lighter sleepers enjoy avocado mattresses much more frequently, and EcoSleep ratings for heavier sleepers are not as high as avocado mattresses. EcoSleep does not have a vegan option due to the use of organic wool.

Avocado vs. Birch

The Birch Mattress is a Medium Firm Hybrid Latex Mattress (6.5 out of 10). Using eco-friendly materials (such as organic wool and Rainforest Alliance certified Talalay latex), birch is similar in many ways to avocado mattresses. It has a higher starting price but without a pillow top upgrade, and the pocket reels aren’t ergonomically zoned for weight fluctuations.

Birch is best suited for average sleep weight, especially those who sleep on the back and stomach. Values ​​in these categories are comparable to those for avocado mattresses. Avocado offerings may be more appealing to lighter and heavier sleepers. No vegan option is currently available.

Avocado vs. Saatva

The Saatva mattress is a spring mattress with thin layers of comfortable foam on a robust coil-on-coil system. Unlike avocado, Saatva is available in three resistance levels: medium-soft (4), medium-firm (6), and firm (7.5), which is more similar to avocado. Saatva’s comfort layers are almost as thick as avocado’s, although the mattress uses different types of foam instead of natural latex.

When it comes to performance, the two beds are similar in many ways, with slight edges on top of each other. While the Saatva works well for light sleepers, its lighter resistance options make it more suitable for light sleepers. The avocado latex construction offers increased durability and movement isolation compared to Saatva coil systems. The optional pillow improves the ability to weigh the body and relieve pressure.

Who do we think goes with the avocado?

Environmentally-conscious buyers: 

From deck to reels, this bed has multiple environmental certifications such as GREENGUARD Gold and OEKO-TEX®, both independent industry organizations that evaluate products to ensure a safe level of hazardous materials. This hybrid consists of recycled steel, sustainable natural latex, and both organic cotton and wool are GOTS certified. Free of polyurethane foams, toxic chemicals, and flame retardant chemicals. Where you rest is important, especially in search of better health. Their mattresses are made of GOLS certified latex, cotton, and wool without GOTS certification without polyurethane foams.

Health-conscious buyer: 

Its green avocado mattress is MADE SAFE® non-toxic certified, a rigorous toxicity detection process. Unlike other certifications, acceptable levels of toxicity are not established. Instead, they use of contaminants such as flame retardants is prohibited anywhere on the mattress. Avocado is one of only three mattress brands worldwide that meet this gold standard for safety.

No misleading claims; 

Many brands go out of their way to indicate that their polyurethane and memory foams are eco-friendly and natural. This is why the legal label is so revealing. The law specifies in strictly regulated language exactly what is used in the cushion layers of a mattress. The mattress has the legal label: natural latex, wool fiber, and organic cotton.

Traditional Inner Spring Sleepers – 

Most people are familiar with sleeping on traditional inner springs, and the avocado coil layer offers a similar feel with an extra layer of comfort foam over them. The comfort and individual pockets around the reels help isolate movement and make the traditional internal spring design even more comfortable and luxurious.

Sensitive to odor: 

With its commitment to natural materials and handcrafted construction, this bed is ready to use and has no noticeable degassing. This industrial chemical odor is sometimes associated with a recently unpacked bed in a box brand.

Possible complaints of avocado:

• It is a larger investment. –

The avocado was made from high-quality certified and natural organic materials and is priced slightly higher than some boxed bedding brands using inorganic materials. However, we believe that this brand is offered as a hybrid design for the quality of the materials used in each of its layers at competitive prices.

What are firmness and feeling?

The test team rated the two avocado mattresses as firm (7 out of 10) without a pillowcase or as medium-firm (6.5 out of 10) without a pillowcase. This contrasts slightly with avocado’s ratings, which are classified as “softly firm” or “luxuriously luxurious” based on the use of the pillow top.

Latex is a highly elastic material with a tough surface and minimal fit. This is due to the low elasticity of the material: the pressure compresses a wider surface than with memory foam. Thus, the latex creates the sensation of floating on the mattress rather than sinking into it, although its pressure map, as discussed below, found few pressure points for the stomach and back.

The independently floating coils in the avocado support cores are assigned to five separate ergonomic zones. These areas are firmer or softer to match more or less heavy areas of the body, allowing for more precise alignment of the spine. However, the zones do not differ significantly to be perceived when sleeping on the mattress.


Avocado is an excellent green choice for sleepers who want to invest in long-term durability and sustainability.

Recommended for …

  • Sleeper over 230 lbs. Without the top of the pillow, the avocado mattresses are firm enough to provide excellent support for those who sleep the most, regardless of their sleeping style.
  • Stomach and back sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds. People who sleep at average weight will probably prefer the added pillow top, as this creates a feeling of medium firmness that is ideal for the backrest.
  • Customers are looking for an ecological mattress. With multiple certifications of sustainability and respect for the environment, avocado mattresses are more than just green.

Not recommended for …

  • Lighter side sleepers with hip or shoulder pain. While their tests showed that avocado mattresses still support light sleepers, the firm can create pressure points on the hips and shoulders for those who sleep on their side in this weight range.
  • Sleepers who prefer full foam mattresses. Because avocado mattresses are latex hybrids, they lack the corresponding pressure relief of memory foam hybrid mattresses.

Avocado Green Mattress Awards

After analyzing the internal tests and verified customer data, the categories have been found in which the Avocado Green mattress is ahead.

  • • The best latex mattresses; The best average-weight sleeper mattress for the best latex mattresses.
  • • The best natural organic mattresses; Best for light sleepers for the best natural organic mattresses.
  • • The best mattresses for athletes; The best luxury for the best mattresses for athletes.
  • • The best mattresses for couples; The best hybrid mattress for the best mattresses for couples.
  • • The best mattresses for acid reflux; Editor’s pick of the best mattresses for acid reflux.

How are green and vegan avocado mattresses made?

CoverThe non-removable covers for both avocado mattresses are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and are handcrafted with up to 32 rosettes. They are free of glue, flame retardants, and other chemicals. Color is creamy white with green trim and green padded handles.

  1. Layers of comfort

• Under the cover is the main difference between avocado and vegan green mattresses: a layer of organic wool in green and organic cotton in vegan.

• The avocado obtains its GOTS certified wool from a collective that the company owns together with its farmers. As a natural material, wool offers natural temperature control and excellent moisture-wicking properties. Of course, it is fire retardant.

• GOTS certified organic cotton offers many of the same properties as wool, allowing you to control airflow and moisture while maintaining softness. However, it is not as durable as wool.

• For mattresses with an optional pillowcase, the wool or cotton layer is followed by 2 inches of GOLS certified Dunlop organic latex, in addition to the 2 inches already included in the comfort layer of all avocado mattresses. The upper part of the pillow is softer latex than the comfort layer, with an indentation charge deviation (ILD) of 14 to 19. The ILD of the comfort layer is from 20 to 25, which has It features the softer feel of the pillow top option.

• Latex offers a firm jump and excellent elasticity and creates a stable sleeping area with lasting durability. Natural latex is an antimicrobial material that also drives dust mites and other allergens away.

  1. Support levels

• Along with a 1-inch layer of very strong Dunlop latex, the support core consists of a pocket spring: up to 1,414 independent floating reels made from recycled steel.

• Coils made in the United States by Leggett & Platt are supplied in three strengths and individually tailored to five ergonomic zones. Together, these areas form a bed that is firmer in some areas (such as the lumbar spine) and softer in others (such as the shoulders and feet) to ensure better alignment and support for the spine.

• Avocado mattresses also have a reinforced steel circumference to improve edge support.

  1. Mattress height

• Without a pillowcase, the avocado green and avocado vegan mattresses are 30 cm high. The top of the pillow adds 2 inches, increasing the overall height to 13 inches.

Performance evaluations of avocado mattresses

Next, let’s take a closer look at the performance ratings of avocado mattresses. These ratings are based on the results of internal and external test teams and verified customer and owner experiences.

  1. Durability

Latex mattresses and internal springs are among the most durable mattress types, and the range of avocados is no different. Customers have only had time to test the durability of the green mattress since 2015. However, given the quality of the material, it is hoped that both Green and Vegan offer sleepers a long life without the need for repair.

Because wool is more durable than cotton, Green’s initial comfort layer may last slightly longer than vegan’s before signs of wear appear. The avocado also offers a 25-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects, giving owners more confidence in the durability of their mattresses.

  1. Isolation from movement

Tuck’s test sleepers were pleasantly surprised by the avocado’s isolation from movement. While they could feel their partner moving or getting up at night, the mattress still moved less than the average latex hybrid mattress. This was confirmed in their internal tests and showed above-average movement isolation for a hybrid mattress.

However, a latex / innerspring hybrid never has the motion isolation of a full foam mattress, which generally absorbs surface motion quite well. Those who sleep very lightly, in particular, should be aware that their partner’s movements can disturb them at night.

  1. Degassing

The test team found that both the green avocado and the vegan avocado were less degassed than expected. All latex mattresses have an initial odor, but within 8 hours, the surrounding odor disappeared. After that, they had to keep their faces close to the bed to detect an odor. This also faded quickly, and on the third day, there was no more degassing. Because the avocado does not use flame retardant or synthetic chemicals, customers concerned with chemical residues should not worry about unexpected odors.

  1. Pressure relief

Although their pressure mapping indicated that avocado mattresses offer even, reflective support, they are still much less compatible and less pressure-relieving than foam mattresses. The ergonomic zones of the internal spring also reduce the conformity of the material since they fix more firmly in areas with greater weight.

The avocado has a floating sensation that offers the necessary support for the stomach and back in the pelvic and lumbar regions. On the other hand, lighter and moderately severe side sleepers may have pain at pressure points on the hips and shoulders.

  1. Temperature neutrality

The team members, who tend to sleep warm, found that avocado mattresses offer above-average temperature neutrality. This is due to three factors: the lack of an adaptable sink, the wool or cotton cape, and the naturally cool latex sleeping area.

The more a mattress adapts to you, that is, the more it sinks into the mattress, the warmer it will be while you sleep. Another culprit is the lack of airflow prevented by avocado mattresses with a highly breathable layer of wool or cotton. (These materials also remove moisture, reducing the feeling of moisture at night.) Finally, natural latex has an open-cell structure to maintain temperature neutrality overnight and trap much less heat than storage foam.

  1. Edge support

Regardless of their weight, the evaluators found that they were well supported when sitting or sleeping on the edge of the avocado mattresses. Due to the reinforced steel circumference around the spring core and the density of the latex, these mattresses offered their sleep testers very good support on the entire sleeping surface. If you slept near the edge, you didn’t feel or care about getting out of bed. This is particularly useful for couples, as they can make the most of the bed surface.

  1. Noise

Their tests showed that avocado mattresses have a noise level comparable to other internal spring hybrids. While the latex layers made minimal noise, the pocket wraps have a very light crunch that can be heard in quiet rooms. Sound shouldn’t bother even soft sleepers, but a latex or foam model can best serve people who want a silent mattress.

  1. Sex

The use of Dunlop latex avocado has been proven in their testing, giving both mattresses a response and a rebound that earned them high marks in this category. This mattress helps make your sex life enjoyable. The coil-carrying core provides excellent support for bouncing latex layers. Mattresses also have above-average edge support, reducing the likelihood of slipping and rolling near the sides of the bed. The only question from his team in this category was the slight crunch of the internal spring, but this is comparable to most other pocket steel coil hybrids.

  1. Sleeper Ratings

Next, let’s examine how we select sleep ratings for Avocado Green and Avocado Vegan mattresses. Everyone has their mattress preferences, but certain mattresses are best suited for people with different weights and sleep styles. To stay objective and give readers the best overview of what a mattress can offer, the Tuck team evaluates each bed using testers with different proportions and sleeping position preferences.

• Light sleepers: less than 130 lbs.

As medium to firm mattresses, green avocado and vegan avocado is probably the least suitable for people who sleep less than 130 pounds. That said, their light testers found the mattresses comfortable, even though they sank even less in the latex than their heavier colleagues, and therefore described the mattresses as firmer.

This difference is most evident in light sleepers, as lack of compliance can create pressure points where their hips and shoulders press against the bed. Those who sleep on the back and stomach, who prefer firm sleeping areas, can still enjoy avocado mattresses, especially with the pillow top.

• Average weight thresholds: 130 to 230 pounds.

Their average weight sleep testers found that the avocado mattresses gave them a very good night’s sleep. Stomach sleepers were the biggest fans of both mattresses, as they were backed by the firmer density and zoning of the coils without feeling hard or unforgiving.

Another consideration for this sleep category is the optional pillowcase, which lowers the resistance rating to a medium-sized business. While most people in this weight range prefer the extra softness of the pillow top, those who like a firm density can do without it.

• Heavy sleeper: over 230 pounds.

The heavy sleep testers consistently gave the avocado mattresses good marks. Despite its open-cell structure, latex is a highly elastic material and holds exceptionally well under pressure. Combined with the support core zone construction, these features offer heavier sleepers superior spinal alignment and comfort regardless of their sleeping position. As the heavier sleepers continue to sink into the latex, they may need the top of the pillow to enjoy one of the mattresses.

FREQUENT Asked QUESTIONS About Avocado Mattress For Side Sleepers

What type of mattress is best for those who sleep on their side?

A spring mattress or hybrid mattress offers ideal support to align your spine for better sleep properly. Its green avocado mattresses have an advanced internal spring unit at the base with five support zones. These coils are adjusted to optimally support the hips and shoulders and ensure that the spine is properly aligned. Its comfort layers, found on the support coils, consist of 4-inch 100% GOLS bio certified latex. This provides the soft, stimulating support that side sleepers need.

How be a mattress comfortable for side sleepers?

Based on mattress testing by a leading independent consumer magazine, medium-hard mattresses are ideal for people who sleep on their side. The standard avocado green mattress offers a soft but somewhat firmer sleeping sensation. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = cloud-soft, 10 = very firm), your standard mattress is a 7. Your softest, most pillow-top mattress contains an additional 2-inch layer of certified organic Dunlop latex GOLS – and rated 6. 

Avocado is a hybrid mattress, which means its construction contains foam and bobbins. While hybrid beds have different emotions, they feel exactly what you expect. The coils give it a bit of the traditional spring feel, while the foam gives the bed a thin layer of softness complemented by the optional pillowcase.
The pillow option costs an additional $ 240- $ 500, depending on the size of the mattress you add it to. With the addition, you get an additional 2 inches of latex foam that helps soften the bed.

Without decoration, this is a fixed bed. With the decoration, it softens to medium resistance. In any case, this is probably not for someone looking for a cozy feeling in their mattress. In other words, if you like memory foam, avocado is not the bed for you. However, if you want a strong, durable, and thick mattress, avocado may be the best option for you.

With or without the extra few inches of foam (from the optional trim), the avocado is excellent in terms of responsiveness. Jump quickly after a depression, which means that you don’t leave a human-shaped cannon when you turn around at night. Here is an example of how fast the avocado responds to pressure.

Good responsiveness also means you don’t have to make a special effort to change your position while sleeping without feeling trapped. Certain sleepers can lead to restful sleep, as you don’t have to fight your mattress at night to change your sleeping position.

Do those who sleep on their sides like the avocado mattress?

With or without a pillow, this bed is slightly firmer. However, keep in mind that this is all relative. The bed is probably a little too firm for the delicate and medium side sleepers. If you have a strict side sleep, be sure to read the list of the best mattresses for sleeping on your side. If you are heavier (~ 250 lb) and add the pillow, you can probably sleep well on your side with avocado. Much of this is subjective based on your weight. While most people prefer to sleep with avocado on their back and stomach, certain people should be on their side.

What about those who sleep on the back/stomach?

This is a good mattress for those who sleep on their back and stomach as it is a firmer bed that is more suitable for sleeping on the back and stomach. Again, the idea is to keep the spine in the correct orientation. The mattress is ideal for people who sleep on the back and stomach. If you sleep on your back or stomach, you need enough support to avoid waking the pain, and this mattress offers a lot of support.

How do avocado mattresses compare to other beds for side sleepers?

Through its rigorous tests, we can determine the similarities and differences between mattresses of different brands. This section highlights details to consider when choosing a latex hybrid mattress. Within the avocado brand, green and vegan are essentially the same mattress. Their comfortable top layer only characterizes them: green is made of organic wool, while vegan uses organic cotton. Read the comparisons below to get a better idea of ​​avocado beds compared to similar mattress options for side sleepers.

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