Avocado green Mattress review

Unbiased Avocado Green Mattress Review 2021 – Must Read These Points Before Buying

Avocado green mattress review:- In this world, nothing is relaxing or rejuvenating like slipping into a comfortable bed and enjoying a really good night’s sleep. Sleep, like the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, is very important for our overall well-being. And many scientific studies and reports have highlighted the importance of sleep for years.

Experts recommend that we all sleep about eight hours a night, and lack of sleep can cause many problems, both mental and physical. Unfortunately, many people have trouble sleeping from time to time, and almost all of us have periods of difficulty sleeping now and then where we cannot sleep consistently every night.

There are many different factors that make you sleep soundly. Your routine, your stress level, the types of activities you do before going to sleep, and many more can all affect how peaceful your night passes. Another big factor to consider is your own bed.

Having comfortable sheets and especially the right mattress is very important. Anyone who has ever slept on a low-quality mattress will know how difficult it is to really sleep soundly on one mattress.

Not having the right level of comfort, firmness, and support for your body can be a big problem, and did you know that many mattresses also contain toxic materials too? For a safe, comfortable, and green mattress, choose Avocado Green Mattress.

Avocado green Mattress review
Avocado Mattress

Table of contents

  • Why do you need a good mattress?
  • How to choose the good mattress for your ideal sleep and comfort of your body?
  • What is an avocado mattress?
  • features of avocado green mattress
  • Construction of avocado mattress
  • Advantages of avocado green mattress
  • Conclusion

Why do you need a good mattress?

While we are traveling for most of the day, we return to our beds at the end of the day for a restful sleep. If we cannot get the sleep we need, there is a high probability that we will not function as efficiently and this can require a huge mental, physical, and emotional tribute.

While there are many factors that can affect the quality of our sleep, one of the biggest factors is the state of your mattress. Our mattresses need to be tested and replaced accordingly.

Most of us tend to sleep on the same mattress for several years and wonder why we wake up with aches and pains in the morning. There is no perfect mattress that is suitable for everyone, however, we all have different preferences.

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Some of us may prefer a softer mattress, while others may prefer a firmer mattress that caters to more specific areas. If you prefer a memory foam mattress, for example, the Puffy mattress is the right choice. In addition to having that feeling of soft memory foam, the foam also supports the mattress and prevents it from sinking too much inside.

However, it helps spinal alignment and its features will make you feel cool even at night. The Avocado mattress, on the other hand, is an ecological mattress that is a hybrid of latex. While this mattress is constructed of environmentally friendly materials, it also provides fantastic targeted support for specific areas of the body.

Poor quality mattresses or those unsuitable for your body can cause sleep problems, pain, and spinal stress. People with light sleep are even more sensitive to the discomfort of a bad mattress. They feel uncomfortable at a time that should be relaxing.

This tension is prolonged for the rest of the day and causes problems such as stress, physical tiredness, lack of energy, headaches, muscle pain, migraines, and difficulties to concentrate. Therefore, it is recommended to analyze the model well before making the purchase.

Sometimes, a more malleable mattress can be harmful to your health, but the same can be said of firmer and more consistent foams.

How to choose the good mattress for your ideal sleep and comfort of your body?

Goodnights of sleep go far beyond resting the body to recover the energies spent during the day. It is a physiological need, essential for staying healthy, improving quality of life, and even increasing longevity.

During night rest, the body performs extremely important functions, such as cell regeneration, the production of some hormones, the strengthening of the immune system, and the consolidation of memory and learning.

In order to sleep peacefully and ensure that all functions performed by the body during the night are carried out successfully, a good mattress is essential. Here are some tricks for you to choose the good mattress:

  1. Research before you buy

The first tip could not be anything other than researching the product. Mattresses are available in a wide range of options and prices.

Therefore, it is important to determine the budget and know the options available before going to the stores. Set aside a day in your schedule and spend time researching different options, take a look at the internet, ask questions with the sales team, and check which model will look best in your home.

  1. Don’t be put off by looks

When choosing the mattress, it is natural that you analyze its physical characteristics and, mainly, with what type of material it is made of. However, be careful not to get carried away by the beauty of the piece rather than the comfort and quality it has.

After all, however good your aesthetic aspect may be, with luxurious and satin finishes and hand-sewn, your details will be covered almost all the time by sheets, comforters, blankets, and the like.

  1. Don’t get carried away by the price

Remember, in a year, there will be an average of 2,920 hours of sleep on your mattress. If all those nights are sleepless it is more than enough time to compromise your posture and your general health. So look for the best cost/benefit ratio for your biotype and invest in the best mattress for you, which will not necessarily be the most expensive or the cheapest.

  1. Test the mattresses

Do not deduce that a mattress is the best because it is firm. To find out if the mattress is comfortable for you, you need to test it. This does not mean squeezing with the hand, knee or lying down and getting up immediately.

To be able to assess well, it is necessary to lie on the mattress for at least two minutes in each position you are used to sleeping, breathing slowly and deeply to achieve a level of relaxation similar to what occurs during sleep. The mattresses are exposed just for this purpose, so don’t be shy. Lie down and evaluate.

  1. Pay attention to the mattress durability

The life span of a mattress is 3 to 10 years, but each type of mattress has specific longevity linked to the material used in its production. Therefore, it is important that you research about it, as it may be that the chosen item has to be changed in less time than expected, since it may be more susceptible to deformities and unevenness.

The foam ones, for example, last, on average, 3 years. On the other hand, springs, 5. On the other hand, viscoelastic and latex ones can last up to 10 years. The latter is the one with the longest durability. In addition, it is possible to make your mattress last a little longer.

Just let it get air on a daily basis, even during winter, and turn it regularly from top to bottom and from the head to the feet, so as not to create deformation zones. Check the directions on the product label.

  1. Height and weight

Two of the points to take into account when choosing a mattress are your weight and height. It’s because a mattress should guarantee the total adaptation of the body. In addition, it is essential to feel that your choice is really the most appropriate.

In other words, the mattress must match your biotype (Weight / Height Ratio). While it must be firm and flexible, it must also be comfortable and provide enough support to the entire weight of your body without sagging.

When that time comes, then pay attention to the curvature of the body, the way the mattress receives your body, and if you have enough space in height. Basically, the mattress you choose has to make the perfect match with your body.

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What is an avocado mattress?

Avocado Green Mattress is an innovative company that offers natural and organic mattresses for everyone to enjoy. Founded in 2015, the company set out to fill a gap in the market and offer a truly natural mattress alternative for people who care about the planet and their own well-being while they sleep.

This mattress is free from poisons, pesticides, and other hazardous chemicals. Constructed from organic cotton, GOLS certified organic latex and pocket reels, the Avocado mattress is an environmentally friendly option for those who do not want to sacrifice their green ambitions for reliable support.

The green Avocado mattress has a simple two-layer design in latex and pocket reels. Despite the fact that there are not so many beds in the 11-inch profile, simplicity is designed to create a structure that is resilient, fit, and extremely supportive.

The company Avocado Green Mattress manufactures sustainable mattresses and accessories. And recently expanded its range to include vegan mattress protector made from GOTS certified organic cotton. In summer 2018, the company launched its first vegan mattress.

In addition to animal fabrics, the new mattress protector also dispenses with polyurethanes, elastane, thermoplastic polyurethanes, formaldehyde, PVCs, laminates, adhesives, chemical lacquers, or waterproof coatings.

It consists of GOTS-certified organic cotton and is filled with an absorbent cotton fiber filling. In addition to the vegan mattress introduced in summer 2018 and the new mattress protector, Avocado Green Mattress also sells vegan pillows with a filling made of natural latex and kapok fibers.

All products are handcrafted in the company’s Los Angeles factory, with a focus on non-toxic and renewable materials.

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Distinguishing features of Avocado green mattress review

Your mattress is one of the most important items in your home. Saying that a mattress can really change your life is not an understatement. A bad mattress can damage your sleep patterns and cause stress, back problems, and all sorts of other problems.

While a good mattress can provide the comfort and support you need to have a good night’s sleep, every night and feel very comfortable. Avocado Green Mattress offers high-quality mattresses that are not only comfortable.

But are also made in a very respectable, sustainable, green manner, with respect for the environment and users. These mattresses are much safer and more natural than alternatives on the market. And if you live a vegan lifestyle or want to do anything for the planet in an original way, investing in one of these mattresses is a good start.

Available in all sizes, this mattress can be purchased from the official website of Avocado Green Mattress, where you can also buy toppers, frames, pillows, and more. Avocado Green Mattress offers a full 100-night sleep test and a 25-year guarantee on this mattress.

As well as free shipping, so it’s very easy and risk-free to try these mattresses and see how they can change your life for the future. The features of these mattresses are:

  1. Natural Organic Mattresses

We have seen many changes in the world lately when people start asking about the food they eat, the drinks they drink, the beauty products they apply to their skin and hair, and many more. But have you ever questioned your mattress?

The worrying truth is that many mattresses are made in an unsustainable way and can contain all kinds of hazardous elements, including toxic industrial chemicals and petroleum-based polyurethane foam. Avocado Green Mattress takes a different approach, producing mattresses that are truly natural and organic.

  1. Toxic-free

Every element of the production process for this mattress and every bit of material that goes into it is sourced naturally and organically from start to finish.

This mattress contains 100% natural latex rubber, organic wool, and organic cotton. You will not find poisons, chemicals, or dangerous substances on this mattress at all, ensuring that they are truly safe for you and your family, and being far more friendly to the planet.

  1. Very Comfortable

The quality of a mattress does not only depend on how it is made and the material used to make it. You also need to consider how comfortable and the type of quality of sleep that can be provided.

Available in all sizes from Twin to California King, Avocado Green Mattresses are very comfortable to sleep on. They feature a full 8 ” lower support of recycled steel support coils that have been specially designed in the zone to provide the right level of support for various areas of your body such as hips, shoulders, and back.

These mattresses adjust according to your body shape, distribute your body weight evenly and neatly to provide full back support and total comfort.

  1. Vegan Mattresses

Statistics show that more and more people are pursuing a vegan lifestyle for various reasons. And if you count yourself among the growing vegan community, you might be wondering if Avocado Green Mattress has a choice for you.

The standard organic mattress from this company does contain wool but allows you to buy a vegan mattress too. This mattress features natural latex rubber, organic cotton, and recycled steel coils, offering almost the same level of comfort and thickness as a standard mattress, only without wool.

  1. Other Eco-friendly Bedding Products

As well as green mattresses and vegan mattresses, Avocado Green Mattress offers a variety of additional bedding related items to help you fill your room with eco-friendly and sustainable goods, all handmade in the US.

The list of products available from this green bed company includes green pillows, mattress pad protectors, mattress covers, natural wood bed frames, and eco-friendly wooden bed frames. All of these products are designed with sustainability and comfort in mind.

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Construction of avocado mattress

There aren’t many layers in an Avocado mattress, but it all comes together to offer absolute comfort. To begin with, there is a lining made of 100% organic cotton, also quilted by hand. It is also important to note that the cover is completely free of flame retardants, glue, or chemicals.

After the cover, there is a comfort layer made of organic wool. The idea with the Avocado company is that they use natural materials, and in this case, wool will help eliminate moisture and keep you cool.

After the comfort layer, there is a support layer that is constructed of a latex material for greater firmness. The internal springs also help provide additional rebound. Within this level, there is also the addition of indicators to provide support to some more targeted areas.

How it works is that the mattress may be more solid in areas that require more support such as the lumbar region and maybe softer in other areas. Overall, the Avocado mattress is a hybrid latex mattress.

While it’s a little more solid, the Avocado company also offers the option of adding a two-inch latex pillow for a more positive feel. In this way, you will be able to enjoy even more that feeling that some sleepers like.

Loft and Sizes

Avocado mattresses come in all standard sizes, from twins to California King. Each mattress comes with a built-in pillow option for an additional fee. You can’t choose firmness on these mattresses, but the upper part of the pillow will add a little more cushioning and support to the mattress.

These mattresses are best for those who sleep on the stomach and back, but with the extra pillow, a side sleeper could also get a lot of support.

Pillows and mattress toppers are also available for each size, so you can customize your entire bed if you want to buy more organic materials to complete the furnishings. Pillows come in standard, queen, and king sizes to fit each bed size appropriately.

Heat transfer

The avocado mattress provides some heat retention due to organic wool and organic latex, but the pillow trim will help balance the heat if you choose to add that option.

Since the mattress is mainly made of organic latex and without memory foam, these mattresses do not feel as hot as a memory foam mattress.

Avocado mattresses are not known to keep too hot, but if you particularly want warm sleep, you may want to invest in the mattress cover option with an additional pillow that adds another two inches to the mattress. The extra cotton upper could help remove heat.


Avocado mattresses are very durable due to the internal spiral system. The coils float freely throughout the core of the mattress, meaning there is strong support throughout the mattress. It is this support that targets multiple areas within the body and relieves pressure points, regardless of which position you prefer to sleep in.

With so much organic latex, the sag factor is not an issue. As the innerspring acts as the skeleton of the mattress, the rest of the mattress acts as the plush padding.

These high-quality materials are built to last and won’t crumble or sink. With an excellent recovery construction, latex is highly durable and is naturally built to last for years and years.


Taking care of a mattress is not a difficult task. In addition to regularly washing the sheets and keeping the bed clean, you can also clean the mattress with warm water and detergent whenever necessary.

If you’re a little more particular when it comes to cleaning your mattress, you can also invest in a mattress cover. Avocado sells rather good mattress covers from those that are waterproof and made with organic cotton, to others that absorb liquids.

With the avocado mattress, you don’t have to try too hard to maintain it. Made from organic materials, the mattress is completely natural and has the what you see is what you get to look and feel. The mattress will not collapse, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything extra to maintain it.

The pillow adds a layer of protection, and the mattress is covered with a high-quality hand-spun organic wool cover, so the inside of the mattress is well protected.


The avocado mattress ranges from $ 950 to $ 2,000. Each mattress costs between $ 150 and $ 200 more if you choose to add that pillow option. The most expensive size would be the California king’s choice with the pillow top cover.

Each mattress also has pillows and mattress pads for additional fees. Other items are also available, such as bed frames that will cost you between $ 2,000 and $ 2,800 and other bedroom items. Avocado offers a kind of one-stop-shop if you are looking to furnish your space with more organic and sustainable products.

Shipping, unpacking, and discharge of gases

Since each avocado mattress is made in the USA, in California, mattresses ship to all states with a configuration option. Each mattress is handcrafted, and to reduce shipping materials that could contain harmful chemicals, the company prefers that its mattresses be shipped with a kit to assist with setup for an additional fee.

As each mattress is delivered to your home, there is no need to unpack anything. Your mattress will arrive ready to use without the need for unpacking or configuration.

Since these mattresses are made from all organically certified materials, there is also no gas release period as these mattresses are made without harsh chemicals or gases. Your mattress arrives by truck, is installed, and is good for immediate sleep.

First Impression

The avocado mattress is good for you, and you can see it as soon as you see it. Spun from organic cotton and woven with fine fabrics, this mattress is luxurious and offers incredible support. The mattresses come with a pillow and pillowless option, so with the pillow option, there is an additional layer of soft organic latex foam.

The internal spring system of this mattress is made up of tempered steel coils for five different ergonomic zones. This is intended to relieve pressure from various pressure points on the back and allow more comfortable sleep.

In the mornings, it is easier to get out of bed and you can really feel rested after having slept peacefully and without interruption. The plush, soft pillow is just the icing on the cake when it comes to sleeping that amazing night.

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Advantages of avocado green mattress

After deciding that you need to invest in a new mattress, you may have a hard time figuring out where to start. With the variety of mattresses available on the market, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to explore all the options.

The good thing about the avocado mattress is how high the quality of each mattress is. Everything is made from organic materials and there’s even an option for a vegan mattress that doesn’t use organic wool.

The benefit of using a mattress made of all organic materials is a great selling point as everything that is manufactured today and often comes with high levels of chemicals and processed fillers.

The fact that the avocado does not contain any of these provides a clear awareness both physically and environmentally. Here are some benefits that you can get from the avocado mattress which after knowing, you will probably buy avocado mattress only.

  1. The avocado mattress is a mattress built with ecological materials that targeted support. The Avocado mattress is equally fantastic but is a little more expensive than the Puffy mattress. However, all the materials used are ecological and therefore this mattress is excellent for those who sleep eco-conscious. Since the mattress is both sustainable and excellent for the environment, only organic wool and natural latex are used inside the mattress. It is also suitable for those who prefer a slightly firmer mattress.
  2. Compared to other mattresses, the Avocado mattress is special in that it is not only handmade, but many of the materials used in the mattress are environmentally friendly. Although it is not exactly the cheapest mattress on the market, it is relatively cheap when considering the organic materials used in the construction of the mattress. Furthermore, all the materials are also natural and come from collectives of co-owned farmers.
  3. The Avocado mattress comes with a limited 25-year warranty. This means that the warranty only covers specific defects, but may not cover all of them. In addition, the full warranty lasts only 10 years. For detailed information, you can visit the website for a more detailed explanation of the warranty.
  4. The Avocado mattress has also obtained a plethora of certifications for being so ecological. The construction of the mattress also means that it provides great support and the coils are meant to help target the areas of the body that require it most. Hence, the mattress has been specially designed to help provide more support in some areas of the body and less in other areas.
  5. Compared to other mattresses, the Avocado mattress is a relatively firmer mattress and is rated at around seven on the stiffness scale. With the addition of the cushion, this level of firmness drops to six.
  6. The Avocado mattress has a one-year sleep test. It means that you have a whole year to test the mattress and understand if it adequately meets your needs.
  7. Avocado Green mattresses are the best for those who have lateral or abdominal sleep. The coils that hit five different ergodic areas are also good for those who sleep.
  8. With the internal coil system, the body will benefit from the support of so many strong coils. These target ergonomic areas and provides plenty of support and alignment. You won’t find too many mattresses that offer support for specific areas, so this mattress is best for those who need a little extra support.
  9. An overall benefit of the avocado mattress is that it is very environmentally friendly. It is a sustainable product with which you can feel good buying knowing that each piece of this mattress is safe. It is what differentiates the avocado mattress from other organic mattresses. They pride themselves on offering their customers 100 perfect Greenguard Gold certified mattresses, and each mattress comes with that standard and warranty.
  10. In addition to mattresses, Avocado also sells pillows, pillowcases, mattress protectors, and bed frames and side tables to completely renovate your room to make it 100 perfect green. All materials are made with certified and sustainable organic parts.

Who should use the avocado mattress?

The avocado mattress is best for the stomach, back, and side sleepers. These mattresses are ideal for anyone looking for a spring mattress made of all-organic materials. This is especially beneficial for anyone who suffers from allergies or who is sensitive to strong chemicals.

These mattresses do not contain irritating chemicals and come unpackaged, so you don’t have to worry about transport odors or fumes, either.

This mattress is great for aiding low back pain and has fantastic edge support, so if you are having trouble with your back. Or you know someone who is having trouble with your back, this is the ideal mattress to help you put on some additional spring in its step.


The avocado mattress is a modern mattress with a more traditional feel due to the internal spring system. It is the best possible choice for worlds and fuses in all those great benefits of being green and using organic products. It’s an even more restful way to sleep knowing you’re paying for a brand that prides itself on protecting the earth and its customers.

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