eating avocado fruits

eating avocado fruits

Is Avocado Good For Your Skin? Know The Best Answer Of This Question


Is avocado good for your skin? :- Avocados have natural ingredients that can make your skin so smooth, clean, glowing, and healthy.


Avocados contain various nutrients needed by the skin such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid. Magnesium, potassium, lutein, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, and anti-aging agent.

The compounds present in avocado are good for any type of skin. There are four natural ingredients in avocado fruit that are very good best for the skin. They are:

Natural ingredients in avocado fruit

  1. Healthy fat

Avocados contain monounsaturated fatty acids that protect your skin. This fat can keep the top layer of skin, so it becomes moist and bright all day. Not only that, but avocado masks also protect the skin from burning sensation due to sun exposure.

eating avocado fruits
  1. Antioxidant

Skin is easily exposed to pollution. The thing to remember, avocados can prevent exposure because they contain high antioxidants. Also, avocados contain vitamin E which can replace dead skin cells. There is also a content of vitamin C which naturally forms collagen.

  1. Biotin

Avocados contain between two to six micrograms of biotin. This content is part of the B complex vitamin. All B vitamins are needed for healthy skin because it can prevent dry skin and scaly skin.

  1. Natural oils

Avocados also contain natural oils that can soften the skin. Which woman does not want to get this good effect when using a skin mask. You will also look younger when using it every week.

Benefits of avocado for our skin

Avocados are not only delicious to be enjoyed in the form of juice or dessert complement. Because the green fruit with a texture like butter is also good for maintaining your beauty.

Whether you want to drink it directly, use an avocado mask, or choose a variety of beauty products that contain avocados can add to the skin nutrition you need.

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Avocado masks are also cheaper when compared to a series of skincare brands on the market. Using natural ingredients for the face also reduces irritation and other side effects.

The following are the benefits of avocado masks for the face, namely:

  1. Nourishes the Skin

Avocados contain antioxidants as a natural source of your skincare. Avocado masks can make your skin supple and smooth, the results are even better than using cosmetics or artificial skincare.

Avocado masks have the effect of moisturizing the skin and locking it longer, so the skin won’t dry out anymore. The benefits of avocado masks are by nourishing the skin to the inner layer.


  1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the best treatment to remove dead skin cells. To make this process even more effective, mix the exfoliant with avocado and rub it in a circular motion into your skin.

The skin will be smoother, softer, and shinier! In addition to avocado masks, you can also make avocado scrubs with other additives such as eggs, grains of orange, and honey.

Avocado scrub is a natural skin exfoliating ingredient to exfoliate dead skin cells and make skin brighter and healthier.

  1. For brighter skin

The best face mask right now is avocado. Mix half avocados and apply evenly over face and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Dark spots will decrease and the skin will be moisturized as avocados are a great source of Vitamin C. You can make avocado masks as a basic skin treatment to brighten the skin.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E in avocado masks mixed with honey are most effective for making dull skin bright. The content is also effective for opening pores and as an anti-bacterial.

  1. Clean the skin

Avocado masks can effectively cleanse the face of black spots and other bacteria. A chemical facial cleanser only cleans the skin on the outside of the pores, but avocado masks can clean deep into the pores.

Apply an avocado mask to the face to remove dead skin cells with the power of retinol, amino acids, and glutamine. This content makes skin healthy, soft, and protected. The smooth texture of the avocado mask also reduces the irritating effect of the skin.

  1. Natural Anti-Aging

Many people spend a lot of money just to buy anti-aging products but the results are not necessarily proven. Avocado masks have natural skin anti-aging agents.

Avocados are enriched with vitamin A which is a form of retinol. Retinol is a natural source for the growth of new skin cells as well as a source of collagen.

Your skin needs a lot of collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that might result from aging. Collagen also makes your skin tight and supple.

  1. Natural sunscreen

Unfortunately, the sun, one of the best sources of vitamin D, brings harmful rays into our skin. To avoid the sun and avoid exposure to harmful rays, experts warn of unprotected sunlight between 11 am and 3 pm.

This is because the harmful rays of the sun are intense during these hours and cause skin problems such as sunburn, and freckles on the skin. There are tons of sunscreen products with high SPF content that you can use, but avocado masks seem more reliable.

Avocado masks can help block the sun’s UV rays more effectively. You also do not need to apply sunscreen every time you leave the house, simply by regularly using an avocado mask at least once a week. Or you can use avocado oil to the skin before sunlight.

The beneficial ingredients of avocado oil protect the skin from harmful sun rays and prevent skin discomforts such as blemishes and freckles.

  1. Prevents Wrinkles

Avocado is known to combat wrinkles and nourish skin cells with its antioxidant content. Makeup, dirty air, and various causes make the skin unable to resist creasing and lose firmness.

Age and environmental factors can make skin elasticity decrease. As a result, the skin becomes wrinkled and not supple. To overcome these skin problems you can try using avocados.

The content of potassium and minerals found in avocados can help improve skin elasticity, so the skin is not easily wrinkled.

Avocado oil is one of the most useful cosmetic products to prevent wrinkles, premature aging, and reduce their effects. Avocado oil nourishes, hydrates, and helps to restore lost strength.

Avocados are very rich in sources of antioxidants that function to rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles on the face. The benefits of avocado masks for the face also help reduce oxidative stress on the skin to make it look fresher and younger.

  1. Fight Free Radicals

Free radicals threaten human health and their sources from the everyday environment such as pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation, and others. Free radicals are unpaired molecules and electrons.

To find these electron pairs, the molecules are so reactive that they damage other molecules. Large amounts of free radical molecules can damage skin cells as well.

Avocado masks contain antioxidants to fight free radicals in the skin and replace dead skin cells.

  1. Natural skin moisturizer

Regardless of our skin type, we should use moisturizers. Finding the right moisturizer for us is a challenge. Even if we find the right moisturizer, most moisturizers on the market are high in chemicals.

It is best to use moisturizers for natural health. Avocado oil is a good choice for natural nature. Avocado oil is the perfect moisturizer for the skin. Unlike other natural oils, the skin absorbs quickly and gives faster results.

Avocado oil, which maintains moisture and softness on the skin, hydrates the skin for a long time. Suitable for all skin types, the oil refreshes the skin and cleanse it of bacteria.

If you have a dry skin type, you can overcome it by applying an avocado mask at least once a week. Avocados contain natural vitamin A and vitamin E to moisturize your skin more perfectly.

  1. Effective against acne

Acne is undoubtedly one of the most annoying skin problems. Acne appears on the face due to bacteria and skin inflammation. Avocados are rich in vitamins A, B, K, and E to reduce the effects of skin inflammation and treat acne, symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disorders.

Avocado oil is very successful against this problem, which is the biggest problem, especially in adolescents. Avocado oil prevents the formation of sebum and prevents the development of acne.

It also smooths skin tone and helps keep skin fresh and clean. Avocado and egg yolk masks can cleanse pores and remove impurities completely. You can use it regularly so that the face remains clean and acne scars disappear immediately.

  1. Reducing Facial Oil

Avocado masks are suitable for all types of faces, from dry to oily faces. Apply an avocado mask every week on oily face types to help reduce the level of oil on the skin, reduce the glossy effect of oil especially in the T-zone area of the face, and the risk of acne.

  1. Fade eye bags

For women, eye bags are very disturbing in appearance. The black circle makes the face look tired all day long. Unfortunately, removing eye bags is not as easy as turning the palm.

The eye bags can be removed with the help of avocados. You just need to smooth the avocado mix and use it as an eye mask for 20 minutes.

  1. Prevents dry skin

Many factors can cause dry skin. It could be due to sunburn, pollution, to the wrong choice of skincare products. Avocados can be a solution to restore skin health to be free of dryness and scaly.

Because, this textured fruit like butter has a combination of healthy fats, antioxidants, and biotin which functions to restore moisture and elasticity of the skin.

  1. Smooth the texture of facial skin

Because the benefits of avocado masks can provide perfect moisture to the facial skin, it is very influential on the texture of the skin. The higher the skin’s moisture level, the smoother and softer the texture of the skin.

  1. Make the skin look shiny

Another benefit of the avocado mask is that it can maintain skin health and protect skin from various skin problems so that the texture of the skin looks very shiny without the need to use makeup.

  1. Keeping the skin supple

In addition to moisturizing, the benefits of avocado masks that are also mandatory for you to know is that it can bind moisture to the skin so that the face is very supple and healthy. You can mix avocado masks with honey for maximum results.

  1. Maintain skin health

The most important benefit of avocado masks is its ability to maintain healthy skin. By keeping the skin healthy, the skin can be free from blackheads, zits, and dull skin problems.

  1. As a source of natural antioxidants

The high content of vitamin E and carotenoids in avocados acts as a shield to ward off free radicals. The content of lutein in avocados can maintain skin elasticity because it can promote water content.

  1. Helps soften the skin of the hand so that it feels soft

The rough and dry hand skin will make you uncomfortable. If left to dry hands, the skin can peel off. To overcome this problem, try using an avocado scrub regularly.

The trick, mix avocado, oatmeal, and lemon. Stir all three ingredients until mixed, then apply to hands while massaging slowly for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, rinse your hands using warm water and apply body lotion.

  1. Helps overcome chapped foot skin

Dry and cracked foot skin will make you uncomfortable. Not only that, but chapped foot skin can also interfere with your appearance when using open shoes.

Try to use avocados regularly on the feet, especially the heel. The trick just purees avocado meat then rub it into the feet while massaged. Perform this movement for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse the feet using warm water.

  1. Cure Acute Nephritis and Psoriasis

Avocados are useful for curing nephritis. The oil extracted from this fruit is very useful in the treatment of inflammation of the skin. With regular use, slowly the scales on the skin will disappear.

  1. Caring for skin suffering from psoriasis.

Some evidence shows that avocado oil can help treat diseases, such as psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes thick red spots, scaly, and redness on the skin.

A study conducted in 2001 found evidence that avocado oil mixed with vitamin B12 cream can relieve psoriasis symptoms for a longer period than traditional vitamin D3 therapy.

Researchers suggest that vitamin B12 cream containing avocado oil can be used as a long-term treatment for psoriasis.

After looking at these benefits, no women and even men can resist the use of avocado.


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