avocado fruit vegetable

avocado fruit vegetable

Is An Avocado A Fruit Or Vegetable? Here Is The Proven & Accepted Answer


Is an avocado a fruit or vegetable? :- Avocado has been a very popular food in the world because of its stellar nutrient profile and diverse culinary applications.


Rich in fiber, potassium, heart-healthy fats, and powerful antioxidants, this food can also offer several health benefits.

But do you know if the avocado is a fruit or vegetable? Avocado is a fruit and more specifically, this is a large berry with one seed. Although not as good as other fruits, this fruit is included under the definition of fruit as it is a sweet and fleshy product from trees or other plants that contain seeds and can be eaten as food.

avocado fruit vegetable

Avocado has a soft texture and is covered by bumpy, thick, dark green, or blackish skin. Half of the small avocado (68 grams) is considered one serving. It contains 109 calories and enriched with healthy fats and nutrients.

Why avocado is confused as fruit or vegetable?

Mysterious avocados do confuse people’s minds and divide them into different groups according to perception. Maybe to explain the situation you need to turn to biology.

  1. Following scientific interpretation, avocados are properly called fruit, because fruits grow on trees. Besides, avocado has a hard seed in its core, like most garden plants.
  2. The taste of avocado can be compared to the taste of a poor pumpkin or pear. The more the pulp is cooked, the more flavor and consistency of the fruit changes. Cooked avocado meat is even compared to butter. And the aftertaste is stronger. Some compare it to beans and vegetables.
  3. Some fruit lovers abroad cannot call avocado fruit because of the taste. Well, it doesn’t look like fruit. All the same, fruits belong to the same plant class. But, maybe, this is the specialty of avocado, the advantage. Avocado fruit is distinguished by its neutral taste. It is possible to combine fruit with other foods.
  4. In this case, it is considered a vegetable for decoration. It is added to a variety of dishes, served in salads, seasoned with a salty sauce. Very little recipe with avocado for dessert. But full of recipes with avocado for salads, a variety of snacks, pate, sandwiches, minced meat.

Difference between fruits and vegetables

According to the botany definition, fruit and vegetable need to have certain characteristics to be called fruit or vegetable.

  • The fruits must come from the flowers of perennials. Since this is the case with the avocado, the healthy fruit counts as fruit.
  • From a botanical point of view, the fruit must come from the flower and vegetables from another part of a plant. Apples, plums, or strawberries are fruits.
  • The rule according to the definition of food states that fruit comes from plants with a multi-year harvest, whereas vegetables come from annual plants.
  • Accordingly, the fruit is sweet and is eaten raw, whereas vegetables are either eaten raw or cooked and are usually not sweet.
  • Fruits are sweet and vegetables are not.
  • Fruits are the only ones consumed in sweets.
  • The vegetables are green.
  • The fruits are the fertilized ovary of the plant, inside them are the seeds.
  • Vegetables are the ones that come from any other part of the plant. According to their origin, the vegetables are classified into seeds, tubers, roots, stems, leaves, bulbs, and flowers.

So what is avocado- fruit or vegetable?

The avocado can be assigned to either the fruit or the vegetables. But right now let’s consider why avocado is called the fruit.

  1. According to the botanical definition

From a botanical point of view, the avocado is a fruit, namely a berry. The avocado grows on a tree. The avocado tree belongs to the laurel family and is a tropical plant.

  1. According to the food definition

The avocado tree bears fruit for several years, making the avocado fruit. However, the avocado could be an exception to the food definition regime.

  1. According to linguistic distinction

In everyday life, it is strongly dependent on appearance and taste when something is classified as fruit or vegetables. Due to the green flesh and the rather bitter taste, the avocado is often assigned to the vegetables.

Besides, there is little green fruit. Although you can also eat the avocado warm, it is usually processed raw. It is often made into guacamole or sushi.

  1. Extraction point

The way to distinguish between a fruit and a vegetable is the part of the plant from which they were extracted. Fruits are part of the seeds of plants, while vegetables are taken from anywhere else. Biologically, the avocado is considered part of the seed, therefore it is a fruit.

  1. Outer cover

Like other fruits, avocado has an outer shell and an interior that is also called mesocarp. The mesocarp is the green and edible part. Like other fruits, it also has a thin and hard to see the part that covers the pips.

  1. General reason

According to laypeople, the fruit is grown on the tree, but vegetables are grown like herbs and sometimes shrubs. Because it is grown on avocado trees, it is counted in the fruit category.


In another aspect, the Lauraceae family, to which the avocado tree belongs, mostly contains fruit tree species and can, therefore, be considered avocado fruit.

However, if we remove the avocado, next year the tree will reapply, which is also a characteristic of fruit trees. In markets, too, we find avocados in the fruit department, which also proves to belong to the fruit.

The reason why avocado can be a vegetable as well.

  • Avocado is widely used in the kitchen as a The pulp of avocado is used to make guacamole, avocado puree, sauce, salads, sushi, etc. In short, it is versatile that can be used to make the savory dishes that go well with bread in the morning breakfast. There are very few desserts that can be made from the avocado pulp.
  • Avocados are usually a favorite of many people. Instead of being blended, avocados are better-made smoothies. That way, avocado extracts can still be eaten. Well, even better we can eat avocados directly without juiced or smoothie.
  • The taste of avocado is not so sweet and the contents of the avocado resemble butter. The butter of avocado can replace the dairy butter that is used in many dishes.


Avocado therefore botanically is considered as the fruit but from the usage of the avocado, it can be considered as the vegetable. So some consider it as fruit, some as vegetable and some take it as both, it doesn’t matter what group avocado belongs to.

The main thing to consider is how beneficial it is. The rich nutrients that the fruit contains make it a superfood that must be included on our daily diet.

Written By Ankur Pradhan


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