All About Avocado Fruit & Vegetable That You Always Want To Know

Avocado is a green fruit with velvety flesh that came from Mexico. It is a cousin of pear by the origin and is therefore sometimes called a tasty pear.

  • The origin of the avocado seems to take place in high areas of southern Mexico and northern Guatemala. Although in pre-Columbian times it was cultivated in extensive regions of Peru where it was introduced in the year 1,450 by the Inca Tupac Yupanqui, after conquering the tribe in the southern part of the equator.
  • For proper pollination, avocado trees require growing in pairs, that is, together with another tree, (male and female at the same time). For this reason, the Aztecs considered a fruit as a symbol of love and fertility.
  • The honor of making the first technical description of the avocado went to Francisco Hernández in his History of the Plants of New Spain after having carried out the first exploration in Mexican territory from 1571 to 1576.
  • The oldest evidence of avocado consumption dates from the years 8,000-7,000 BC and was found in a cave in Coxcatlán, theuacán region, Puebla, Mexico. Also, in the Mendocino codex, there are hieroglyphs where the town Ahuacatlán is indicated (the place where avocado abounds).
  • The conquistadors had to bring avocado to Spain around 1600 as there are data on the tree in the Botanical Garden of Valencia and about some plantation in the province of Malaga in 1770. Likewise, there were Indian merchants and wealthy families that in the eighteenth century and XIX specimens of trees were brought to Spain to shade their gardens. Subsequently, it began its worldwide distribution.
  • In 1924, the Southern Agriculture Station began to establish itself in Malaga, where its initial project talks about the introduction of exotic fruit trees. It is when the experimental station of Torrox was incorporated when an initial avocado seedbed was established around the 1930s.
  • A tree of A Guacate Padre, originally from Mexico and from Atlixco, in the state of Puebla, was sent to the United States, as a gift to the state of California. Its acclimatization was a success and is currently also cultivated in Florida, recognizing itself as a great agricultural wealth for the southern United States, where its consumption is increasing.

Nutritional value of avocado

As we have seen, therefore, the pulp and seed of avocado are rich in different nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Let’s see together what are the beneficial properties of these elements.

1. Vitamin B9 (folate)

Avocado contains high quantities of folic acid ( folate ) (81µg per 100g), which is very important for normal cell function and for the growth of tissues and which has a main role in a particular phase of the woman’s life, pregnancy.

2. Vitamin K1

This vitamin, contained in good quantities in avocado, is important for blood clotting and to prevent bone fragility and osteoporosis.

3. Potassium

The Potassium is an essential mineral involved in the control of blood pressure in cardiac health and in water-salt exchange at the cellular level. 100g of avocado contains more potassium than 100g of banana (450 mg versus 350mg).

3. Vitamin E

A very powerful antioxidant, it protects cells from environmental toxins and combats male sterility.

4. Vitamin C

The important antioxidant in immune functions, in skin and bone health, it promotes the absorption of iron, preventing anemia.

5. Carotenoids

Avocado contains many carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin which are important for eye health and for combating oxidative stress. Furthermore, the bioavailability (assimilation) of carotenoids is greater thanks to the presence of the fats of this fruit.

Based on data from the USDA National Nutrient Database, avocados also contain various minerals, namely calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorus, and zinc.

Avocados also contain various vitamins such as vitamins A, K, C, E, B6, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin as well as vitamins B1, B2, and B3 in some avocados. Avocados are very good as an energy source, in 100 grams of avocados, there are 160 calories of energy so that avocados can help the diet program.


But the designation as a vegetable is also correct from the point of view of everyday language use. Hence, the avocado can be both fruit and vegetable, it just depends on how you argue.

Avocado usefulness in diseases

Despite all the advantages, the avocado should be included in a balanced diet. Therefore, it is not recommended to replace meals with fruit.

  1. Anxiety disorder

The fruit has high levels of monounsaturated fat and potassium, which help to lower blood pressure and fight hypertension due to stress. In addition, it helps to increase the production of serotonin, a hormone that relieves anxiety and stress.

  1. Heart diseases

In every 100 g of avocado, 23% of the recommended daily amount of folic acid can be obtained, which studies show it to be extremely important to reduce the incidence of heart disease. Vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, and glutathione in avocados are also great allies for our hearts.

  1. High cholesterol

Avocado is rich in beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol is a compound that has been shown in research to be an ally in lowering cholesterol levels. In one study, 45 volunteers, after eating avocado for a week, showed an average drop of 17% in their cholesterol levels.

  1. Relieve Symptoms of Arthritis

A study shows that a combination of avocado extract and soybean oil called Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU) can reduce osteoarthritis. A mixture of the two ingredients is claimed to reduce pain and generally have a positive impact on those who have osteoarthritis. In the end, the benefits of avocados for treatment is the ability to overcome arthritis to bone stiffness.

  1. Prevent cancer

A study revealed that the benefits of avocados are believed to help prevent cancer. The benefits of avocados here work by reducing the side effects of chemotherapy on lymphocytes.

In fact, other studies say, the avocado extract has been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells. However, keep in mind that this study was carried out in isolated cells and does not necessarily prove what is possible in humans.

  1. Benefit for the central nervous system

The avocado has in its composition vitamin B3 that acts on the central nervous system. This property collaborates with the maintenance of hormones that regulate chemicals in the brain and guarantees a relaxing effect and a feeling of well-being.

  1. It is a natural anti-inflammatory

It works as an anti-inflammatory thanks to its high levels of vitamin E.

  1. Useful in menstruation, pregnancy

During menstruation, the avocado controls the number of secretions and eliminates spasms of smooth muscles. Due to the presence of folic acid, it is considered an indispensable product during pregnancy.

Eating fruit while bearing a child significantly reduces the risk of miscarriage, prevents abnormalities in the development of the fetus, and ensures the full growth of its cells and tissues.

  1. Maintain Eye Health

Avocado contains lutein compounds that can help maintain eye health, and prevent the risk of cataracts and age macular degeneration. It is recommended for mothers and families to consume avocados regularly so that eye health is protected.

  1. Prevent Depression

Depression is an invisible disease, but its effects are felt in a person. Consumption of avocados will be able to help overcome this one problem. Because avocado content like magnesium will help maintain mental health and prevent the risk of stress to depression.

Keep in mind, that when magnesium levels in the body are less, then anxiety will be higher. Usually, it will be marked by insomnia and stress-prone to depression.

In addition to magnesium, there are other benefits of avocados such as vitamin B which will release serotonin and natural dopamine to reduce excessive anxiety.

  1. Prevent osteoporosis

Half of the avocados provide about 25 percent of the needed vitamin K intake per day. The benefits of this vitamin are often overlooked, even though vitamin K is considered important for bone health.

Eating foods that contain enough vitamin K can support bone health by increasing calcium absorption and reducing the removal of calcium through urine.

  1. Preventing the Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is a deadly disease that is risky for anyone. Excessive consumption of sugar or glucose and the risk of a history of diabetes are the main causes of blood sugar disease.

To prevent the risk of diabetes, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and regular consumption of avocados. The content of vitamins and antioxidants in avocados effectively regulates blood sugar and keep it in a stable condition.



Contraindications of avocado

Although avocado is the most beneficial fruit, it also has some side effects and contraindications for which you should avoid eating an avocado. One of the notable things is that you should not overeat avocado, eating one avocado a day for an adult is recommended. Look at some disadvantages, side effects or contraindications of avocado:

  1. Reduces milk production in nursing mothers and affects nursing babies

Avocados can reduce milk production in the nursing mother. It can also damage the mammary gland. If a breastfeeding mother consumes too much avocado, it can upset the baby’s stomach. The unborn baby and a newborn baby get all the nutrition from their mother.

  1. Cause skin reactions

For those suffering from hypersensitivity, eating avocados can cause a skin reaction.

  1. Allergic reactions

Some people have an allergic reaction when they eat avocados. This allergic reaction not only affects them when they eat, but exposure to avocados can trigger allergic reactions in them.

However, people with allergies should not use avocados even for skin and hair care. The significant symptoms of avocado allergy are hives, itching, and eczema. Similarly, people who are sensitive to latex can also be hypersensitive to avocado.

  1. Migraine

Avocado contains tyramine which is a normal substance that has no side effects or adverse effects on adults but in certain cases especially in people who lack enzyme DAO.

avocado fruit eating
avocado fruit eating

It is dais that this substance can contribute to increasing histamine that can aggravate migraines. Therefore, it is advisable for people suffering from Migraines to avoid eating an avocado.

  1. Kidney problems

Due to its contribution of potassium (about 400 mg per 100 grams of food) and magnesium, it is not suitable for people with kidney problems who must control the amount of these micronutrients.

  1. Diarrhea

Due to the high amount of fiber and fatty acids, it is preferable not to include it in the diet of people with many diarrhea episodes.

  1. Other condition

Avocado is strictly prohibited in the presence of individual intolerance to the components. Despite the enormous benefits of the seed of exotic fruit, the raw materials have slight toxicity. Therefore, it is important to comply with daily usage.


How to incorporate avocado in your daily diet?

Here are some ways and dishes by which you can include avocado in your daily diet:

  1. For babies

One of the best foods that your baby can eat from the age of 8 months is avocado. In addition, these recipes with avocado designed for babies are very easy and fast.

  • Avocado and mango salad for babies from 9 months: this dish combines the benefits of avocado and mango which is a fruit very rich in vitamins A and C. Keep in mind that this recipe incorporates citrus. In the United States, the recommendation of pediatricians about citrus consumption is that they can be included in the baby’s diet from 6 months on
  • Avocado and banana porridge: Prepare this delicious and easy avocado porridge with banana for your baby. Avocado provides your baby with the healthy fats he needs to stay healthy, and a banana contains fiber and sugars to help him maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The combination of avocado and banana is very complete. Collaborate optimally in your baby’s cardiovascular system: it includes all the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), Omega 3 fatty acids, and potassium.
  1. For children

Avocado is a typical fruit of tropical and Mediterranean climates. Its properties are less known if we compare it with other fruits, however, it is a very beneficial food for children.

  • Cream of avocado, zucchini, and broccoli: One of the main vegetables in the wintertime is broccoli. It is a vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals, zinc, and potassium. It is also rich in fiber, phosphorous, and chromium. If we combine the benefits of broccoli with the hydration and fiber contributions of zucchini, and the fat provided by avocado, in addition to being a very soft cream, we will have a cream that provides multiple health benefits.
  • Avocado appetizer with salmon: This dish is very easy and quick to make for family celebrations. It combines two ingredients that provide many benefits to our diet. Avocado is a fruit that is used more and more in cooking for its high vitamin content. Smoked salmon, a fish rich in antioxidants.
  • Avocado Ice Cream: The avocado is a tropical fruit that has a rich flavor and creamy texture. Therefore it is ideal to be used in sweet or salty recipes. Avocado provides many benefits for children. It helps lower triglyceride levels, prevents cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, improves eyesight, and protects against heart disease and cancer.
  • Tomato, cheese, and avocado flags: Cold starters are the best choice for birthday parties, Christmas, or any other occasion. Easy to prepare, you can make them the day before and chill them in the fridge until serving time. Everyone will love these flags, the contrast of flavors and colors between tomato, cheese, and avocado is irresistible. In addition, you can ask your children to help you prepare them, and they already have guaranteed fun.
  1. For adult

Intake of Half to one avocado depending on its size per day is beneficial for adults. Here are some delicious recipes for adults that you can try at home:

  • Avocado Gratin Recipe: If you want to surprise your guests with an original but easy to prepare a starter, you will love this recipe for avocado gratins. It is some avocados baked in the oven with cheese. You can use any type of cheese that melts.
  • Vegan Avocado recipe: Try this vegan avocado recipe prepared with mushrooms and surprise all your guests with its exquisite flavor and freshness. One of the properties of mushrooms is to act as a kind of sponge that absorbs all the flavors with which it is seasoned very well. This, added to its particular texture, makes it an ideal substitute to prepare avocado without seafood.
  • Cold lasagna recipe of avocado and salmon: If you only have 10 minutes, you can prepare this cold avocado and salmon lasagna. It is an ideal dish for the hottest months since it does not require any cooking and is made with very fresh ingredients. With this avocado lasagna, you have guaranteed success and you can take it as an aperitif or at any party or birthday since it is a very original and tasty dish.
  • Avocado Hummus: It is about substituting part of the oil from traditional chickpea hummus for avocado. The result is a delicious spreadable cream, slightly lighter in texture than traditional hummus, and somewhat more refreshing in flavor. Eating chickpeas has never been so easy, so if you can’t find a way to include legumes in your diet, try to make this avocado hummus.
  • Burger with avocado: Something as simple as avocado with salt and mashed with a fork can turn into the most delicious sauce to turn a hamburger into a delicate dish.
  • Low-temperature chicken sandwich with avocado: Even a simple sandwich can become a gourmet snack if we use good bread, sliced chicken breast to make it ultra juicy, and accompany it with some avocado slices. It will give you a delightful chicken sandwich.
  • Avocado and egg toast for dinner: Bread, egg, and avocado. It is not necessary to complicate life further to enjoy dinner or a luxury snack such as this toast.
  • Chocolate and avocado mousse: You can prepare a delicious chocolate mousse without eggs and without cream, using the avocado to give texture. And the same chocolate mousse can serve as the basis for a sponge cake.
  1. For pregnant women

Therefore, it is advisable to include avocado in the daily diet of pregnant women. Here are some recipes of avocado fr pregnant women:

  • Avocado and chicken salad: This delicious salad provides significant levels of vitamin B6, which prevents fluid retention, keeps cholesterol under control, and reduces the possibility of cramps. It becomes a great tool to deal with morning sickness. It allows ingesting folic acid, which contributes to the perfect development of the fetus. It provides fibers, proteins, and carbohydrates. For these reasons and many others, the salad is very beneficial for the mother and her baby.

Avocado juice: The content contained in avocado juice such as vitamins, protein, minerals, and also fiber is very good for our bodies. Avocados themselves can be eaten raw alias straight away, but there are also people who like to make it into juice.

It is very easy, actually the same as if we make other fruit juices. It’s just that we can add other ingredients to the avocado juice such as chocolate or vanilla, and also cream.

Where you can buy avocado?

Avocados have become super popular in the world. Many nations have been selling avocado fruit online. There are farms and nurseries where they sell the avocado plant for growing in your home.

Where you can buy avocado In the USA

In the context of the USA, some places where you can purchase avocado are:

  1. California Avocados Direct: California Avocados Direct has been selling avocados directly from the farm. Their location is 9370 Circle R Dr, Escondido, CA 92026, United States, it has its own website from where you can order avocado online. It is opened 7 days a week and is responsible for providing you with the best quality avocado at a minimal cost. A number of varieties of avocado have been sold by California Avocados.
  2. West Pak Avocado, Inc.: A simple family-owned business that has been serving since 1982 in growing, harvesting, and shipping the best high qualitative avocados is West Pak Avocado. They have been growing avocado not only in California but also in Mexico, Chile, and Peru. If you want to visit them personally, their address is 38655 Sky Canyon Dr, Murrieta, CA 92563, United States. 
  3. Mariano’s Bloomingdale, IL Grocery Store: The first Marianos store was opened in Arlington Heights, Illinois in July of 2010. and the tore got its name from its former Chief Executive Officer, Robert Mariano. The store has been providing its customers with high-quality products including avocado from all around the world. The address of the store is 144 Gary Ave, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States. Your products will be delivered within an hour based on your location.
  4. The FruitGuys: The fruitGuys have been working in the field to provide fresh farm fruit, snacks, and vegetables to homes all around the You can contact or personally visit the FruitGuy at 490 Eccles Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080. 
  5. Crockett Farms: Indulged in supplying the citrus fruit since 1930, it was founded by Stanley B. Crockett. Since 1960, the farm started supplying the citrus fruit all around the nation. Not only avocado, but you can also get the delicious and fragrant oranges and grapefruit via Crockett Farms. 

Where you can buy avocado In Italy

Italy also loves avocado and it has been now included in the daily diet of Italians. Here are the places and stores where you can purchase avocado personally by visiting stores or you can even order online.

  1. PromoQui: You can browse for the best but also Avocado Exotic fruits, Fruit, Food, Discount, at the most affordable prices. Often you will also find coupons, discount coupons and vouchers to do real business in purchasing Avocado. PromoQui here works for you and finds updated prices and offers. Via their website, you can see the opening hours, the phone and find out how to get to the shop thanks to the directions on the map. All promotions and discounts on Avocado are available on PromoQui from the website or even from the mobile apps.
  2. Locroi: Their organic avocados are grown in Calabria, a few hundred meters from the Ionian sea. They grow avocado plants on pristine soil without the use of chemical fertilizers. The fruits are not subjected to any treatment after the harvest. They produce a 100% genuine organic avocado that has numerous beneficial properties. The shipment of avocados with delivery in 48h throughout Italy is free. You can buy them directly from their page (depending on seasonal availability), by selecting the desired quantity. It is also possible to combine avocados with the packaging of organic citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, mandarins, bergamots, etc.) according to seasonal availability. You can pay by credit card (through Paypal) or bank transfer.
  3. Paniere Bio: It is one of the most important and appreciated farms in southern Italy. Most of the fresh organic products marketed on the Bio Basket are grown and harvested daily in the south-east of Sicily at this company. They are producers, not traders. Their prices are from producer to consumer! Thanks to new technologies it is now possible to receive all the goodness and freshness of their organic products at home. Do your shopping for organic products and they will deliver it to your home. 
  4. FruttaWeb: FruttaWeb is the online portal of Viviromano srl (Apofruit group) where you can choose and buy online the largest variety of organic fruit and vegetables on the web and receive it directly at your home or office. On Fruttaweb you will find seasonal, fresh, and genuine organic fruit and vegetables. They also offer efficiency and flexibility, their customer service work every day with a smile, and great knowledge of the products. This guarantees you direct dialogue, just as if you were talking to your family and trust shopkeeper. You can order or respond to your curiosities by writing to

Where you can buy avocado In Spain

Spain is the source of the avocado which has distributed this amazing fruit around the world. Here are some places where you can purchase the best quality avocado in Spain.

  1. Agroboca: In Agroboca you will find fruits, vegetables, and other organic products directly from the producer. Organic and traditional fruits and vegetables, in bulk, in packs, or in assorted fruit and vegetable baskets of different weights and compositions designed for the whole week are available. With Agroboca’s advanced fruit and vegetable website page, you can filter and search before buying your fruits and vegetables online by different criteria. Such as price, province of origin, type of agriculture, organic. 
  2. Aguagates De Mexico: They are a company in constant expansion specialized in the cutting, packaging, marketing, import, and export of Hass avocado, in the main markets for more than 20 years. They are located in Uruapan Michoacán México, where the cultivation of the Hass Avocado is feasible due to the excellent climatic conditions of the Region. They are characterized by a careful selection and hygiene in the handling of the avocado during the transport and packaging cut process, which guarantees the excellent quality of their product. 
  3. ComeFruta: They are professionals with a heart who bring the countryside closer to the city, working in a fair and sustainable way. They put digital at the service of your health, so you can enjoy the most flavorful fruit at home or in your office. The fruit is waiting on the tree while you buy your fruit and vegetables online. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they collect the fruit and send it urgently. In less than 24 hours you receive the fruit full of flavor and vitamins. You can pay up to 7 days after shipment.


So don’t throw away the seeds but rather plant them in your home garden or pot that can be a perfect decor for your home.  

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